Applying For a Job and Finding One During the Pandemic

Applying for a Job and Finding One During the Pandemic

COVID-19 has far-reaching consequences. Not only does it have an impact on health, but the economy is also affected by the pandemic. For example, people have lost their jobs and people who have just graduated or are applying for jobs may feel that they are unable to continue. It is possible to find a job in times of crisis. Are you worried? With these 5 application tips you will find a job during the pandemic!

Keep applying for jobs

If you notice that there are fewer and fewer vacancies in your field, it may feel pointless to apply. After all, there are so few jobs, so competition will be fierce. Even in the pandemic, many companies and organizations continue to recruit. In addition, you do not know if your résumé will be saved. It may be that you are not immediately invited for an interview, but will be approached in the future. It can't hurt to spread your chances.

Use this time to network

The tight labor market conditions will remain when the economy has picked up again. So you can use your free time right now to focus on working on your network in addition to your job applications. Keep your network warm, so that they quickly think of you when an opportunity arises. At the moment you mainly do this online. Keep or make contact with people inside and outside your own network and make time to read articles to stay up to date with the latest developments in your industry. Were you already in the process at an organization, but the vacancy has been withdrawn because of the changed circumstances? Stay in conversation, when vacancies are opened up again you will be top of mind.

Practice with video applications

Applications at this time are made by phone or video. This can take some getting used to in the beginning, which makes it important to practice. For example, it is difficult to gauge someone else's reaction over the phone and some people find video calls uncomfortable. When you have practiced video interviewing, you stand out positively, you appear confident and the conversation is more likely to go smoothly.

Temporary work

Is it taking you too long and you can't wait to get started somewhere? Then take a look at temporary work, for example on a freelance basis or as an interim worker. If, for example, you can replace someone during maternity leave, you will have a job for another four months and you can apply from there. There are more possibilities besides a permanent job, which can eventually lead you to your goal. Also consider volunteering. This is an excellent opportunity to do your bit, gain experience in another sector and work on your resume.

Where are the opportunities?

A crisis is also a time of opportunity. Where one sector is in dire economic straits, there are plenty of opportunities in the other. If you come from the hospitality or cultural sector, there is a good chance that you won't run into many vacancies. Healthcare and logistics, however, are growing very fast right now. This could be the time to get retrained. Take a broader look, check where the opportunities lie and what skills are required.

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