Domino's Pizza saves €8,000 per month through staff planning optimization

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A Domino's Pizza franchise owner, with 16 outlets in South Holland and a team of 600 employees, faced the challenge of managing their staff efficiently. The existing process of using Excel spreadsheets pinned to the store doors and sending individual messages to employees about their schedules resulted in a lack of communication and clarity for the office team. To address these pain points, Domino's Pizza chose to employ Shiftbase for their time tracking and employee scheduling.

The Challenge: Lack of communication and clarity

The lack of communication and oversight in the planning process presented significant challenges for Domino's Pizza. It was a weekly occurrence for the actual turnout on a working day to vastly differ from the expected. Sometimes 4 employees would show up when 8 were scheduled, or vice versa!

Without a central overview, it was hard for the office team to know who was scheduled and even who was absent due to sickness. This led to uncertainty and difficulties in ensuring smooth business operations and proper coordination.

The Solution: Flexibility and User-Friendliness

Recognizing the need for a more efficient and streamlined approach, Domino's Pizza sought a solution that met their specific requirements. Although they tried several free trial versions from different providers, none offered the flexibility and user-friendly experience they were looking for until they discovered Shiftbase.

To ensure a smooth transition, Domino's Pizza decided to start with a trial period in one of their stores. The experience was so positive that within a week, they were eager to roll out Shiftbase to all their locations. Shiftbase supported the implementation process and provided immediate assistance and guidance when needed. The ease of use and the speed of the platform impressed both the staff and the managers, some of whom were initially reluctant to give up their beloved Excel sheets.

Results: ROI - Staffing costs decreased by at least €8,000 per month

  • Improved cost management: By accurately tracking worked hours and integrating with NMBRS, Shiftbase provides Domino's Pizza with valuable insights into staffing costs. This new visibility allows them to optimize staff deployments and make informed decisions to maintain employee satisfaction while controlling costs.

  • Improved communication and clarity: Shiftbase offers a central platform where everyone, from managers to supervisors, can access schedules, view employee availability, and communicate effectively. This eliminates the confusion that previously characterized the planning process.

  • Increased efficiency and time-saving: With Shiftbase, Domino's Pizza saves considerable time in managing employee schedules. The intuitive interface allows managers to quickly assign shifts. The ability to import data from their HR system, NMBRS, further simplifies the process.

"Shiftbase has revolutionized our staff planning. The ease of use, clear overview, and exceptional support have made a big difference to our team. Seeing is believing, and Shiftbase lives up to that promise. We highly recommend it to other businesses looking to streamline operations and gain a competitive edge." - Marieke van der Giessen, HR & Finance manager Domino’s Den Haag

Shiftbase has proven to be a game-changer for Domino's Pizza, providing them with a comprehensive solution to address their staff planning challenges. By bridging communication gaps and offering a user-friendly experience, Shiftbase has enabled Domino's Pizza to efficiently schedule their staff, manage costs, and improve their overall business operations.


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