The future is online!

We have more and more options online. As an entrepreneur it is important to keep up with the times. Nowadays ...

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Efficient and productive employee

Work more efficiently and productively

Time is scarce for entrepreneurs. By working more effectively and productively, you can get much more out of a working ...

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Grip on labor costs

Do you know what your staff costs? How high are your total annual personnel costs? How much control do you ...

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Let your schedule breathe

As a planner, it is not always easy for you. Setting up a well-arranged schedule can sometimes be a real ...

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Healthy office

7 tips for a healthy office

The design of an office has a lot of influence on the workplace. More than a desk and a laptop ...

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Dog at the office

The benefits of a dog at the office

More technology companies are offering pet-friendly workplaces on their list of benefits. But why and is this such a good ...

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