European court obliges time registration with time clock

European Court ruling: back to the time clock? The European Court of Justice recently caused a stir with a ruling ...

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New brand name

In 2011 we started our service under the name HorecaSysteem and shortly thereafter also PersoneelsSysteem in the Netherlands. From that ...

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Tips for successfully implementing software

Different business processes take place in a company, within departments such as the HR department, the sales department or the ...

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Advantages of Software as a Service (SAAS)

SaaS stands for ˝Software as a Service˝. I.e. the provision and use of software via the Internet. Clients pay for ...

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The benefits of self scheduling

Almost every organization will agree that creating a work schedule is a challenge. The planner has to do a tough ...

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Free services from Google for businesses

Google is primarily known for its search engine, but it also offers entrepreneurs many (free) services to work more efficiently. ...

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