Useful software for retail companies

There are many software solutions on the market that can be used by entrepreneurs in the retail sector. Below we ...

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5 Tips for preparing a resume

Your curriculum vitae, also called resume, is very important for your application. What should you pay attention to and what ...

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Times Square

Ways to increase your brand awareness

You can offer a wonderful product or service, but if this is not or not fully known to the general ...

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The different ways to attract staff

More and more companies are struggling with the problem of finding qualified staff. How do you find employees who fit ...

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Online security

Use online software safely

More and more companies are using online software. The big advantage of online software is that this can be used ...

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Social media

Why, as a company, you should use social media

Fair’s fair, we weren’t like that either. We did have Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln and Google+ accounts, but we didn’t maintain ...

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