7 tips for beach clubs to increase sales

Beach clubs in the Netherlands are very dependent on the weather. When the weather is bad in the summer months, ...

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7 Tips for working in warm weather

With the longest heat wave ever measured in the Netherlands, it has been very hot for days. Temperatures of 33 ...

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7 disadvantages of scheduling in Excel

Excel is a great software package and offers flexibility and functionality. With Excel you can create overviews, generate reports and ...

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Time optimize

6 Benefits for using punch clock

Within many companies, time registration is still done via an overflowing Excel file, or perhaps employees submit time sheets themselves ...

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Why online personnel administration has many advantages

The personnel file; An important part of most entrepreneurs, but not always their favorite. With the arrival of the General ...

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Planning software

7 benefits of online staff planning software

A lot of companies are using Microsoft Excel to make their personnel planning. Excel is a very nice service, but ...

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