Planning software

7 benefits of online staff planning software

A lot of companies are using Microsoft Excel to make their personnel planning. Excel is a very nice service, but ...

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7 steps to get more sales from the terrace

Many catering companies, but also retail stores with a catering section have a terrace. In this blog we give a ...

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5 tips for the perfect holiday schedule

When the school holidays have started, many employees will be absent. While some employees are on holiday, the planner is ...

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Happy employees

6 Tips to increase employee satisfaction

The employees are the heart of a company. In most cases this is also the highest cost item. For that ...

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Public API available

Public API In the past month (February 2016) we have expanded and documented our public API. An api stands for ...

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Nmbrs integration

Shiftbase has set up an integration with salary software ‘Nmbrs’. The advantage of this integration is that data only has ...

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