7 December 2021

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The future is online!

We have more and more options online. As an entrepreneur it is important to keep up with the times. Nowadays it is possible to see your company data anywhere, anytime. Shiftbase is a maintenance-friendly environment to work with and easily scalable. What are the things that you should pay attention to with online staff planning and time registration? Below you will find a couple of tips.

Exchange shifts without worries
It is every planner's nightmare; employees who want to exchange shifts. This is easy to arrange online. Employees submit an exchange request via the app or online to colleagues they choose themselves. The invited employees immediately receive a message with this exchange request. As soon as an employee indicates that he or she wishes to take over the shift, a message is sent to the manager. If the manager agrees to the exchange request, the shifts is immediately changed in the schedule.

Organize employees based on their skills
Within each company there are activities that can only be carried out by a limited number of employees. In the online planning program you can easily schedule employees based on their skills. You can assign skills to each employee yourself. The planning immediately shows which employees have the required skills. This way you can see at a glance whether every employee has been assigned to the right place. It is also immediately clear if you have planned the right amount of needed skills.

Keep an eye on the budget
Do you want to know exactly what each employee costs? The strategic personnel planning shows the expected costs per day, per employee and per team. In addition, the expected sales are included in the planning. As a result, the work schedule shows the expected percentage of wage costs. You can easily adjust the schedule based on this. You can also enter a maximum budget in the form of time or salary. As soon as this budget is exceeded you see this on your schedule. That way you can keep a good balance of budget and wagecost.

Enter open shifts quickly
You can quickly schedule an open shifts to which no employee is linked. The planner determines which employees are invited to the shift. The employee who responds first to the message will be automatically scheduled.

View and record hours digitally
Employees digitally check the pre-completed time registration form. The data for this is taken from the schedule. The manager then only has to approve the hours. Employees can also clock in and out digitally with a key ring, mobile app or desktop. The breaks and surcharges are calculated automatically. This makes checking your timesheets a lot easier for the planner or supervisor.

Easily create reports
Via the built-in graphs you can, at a glance, see how many hours have been scheduled and how many have actually been worked. You can also create a report for the accountant or payroll with the push of a button. You can indicate by yourself which data must be included in this report.

View the availability of employees quickly and easily
Employees can submit an application for absence online via Shiftbase. For example for vacation, illness or another form of absence. The central administration then has a clear overview of all absences. A report of this can also be easily printed. The availability of each employee can easily be adjusted in the schedule. This leads to a clear overview of the available employees for every working day.

In short, innovation in the digital age is also ongoing in the field of planning and time registration! Keeping track of the schedule online saves a lot of time for the planners and employees.