Use online software safely

7 December 2021

Use online software safely

More and more companies are using online software. The big advantage of online software is that this can be used from any location, but what can you, as a manager, do to ensure that the online software is used safely? We'll provide you with a few tips down below.

Use a strong password
With a strong password, it is much more difficult for hackers to obtain login details. A strong password consists of at least 8 characters and combines letters, numbers and symbols. Make sure that the password is not too obvious and use different passwords for the various services that you use.

Change passwords regularly
By changing passwords regularly, it is more difficult for outsiders to figure out the password. If a key logger is installed on your computer, there is less chance that the password will still work if it has been obtained illegally.

Do not share login details
Often login details are written on notes and, for example, hung up on a board. It is easy to share data in this way but it is far from safe.

Use a password manager
Strong passwords can be hard to remember. Sometimes this can be made easier by using a password sentence. Even much easier is the use of a password manager. This is a service in which all passwords can be stored. Some examples of password managers are Lastpass and 

Not every service has multifactor authentication, but if this is available, we recommend using it. MFA works as follows: after logging into your account, you will be requested to enter a confirmation code. This confirmation code comes from another device, such as a phone or a tablet.

Checking access rights
When multiple employees can log on to software, it is important that the access rights of the employees are in place. In most software packages it is possible to determine which access rights employees have. Make sure that employees are only allowed to consult and change the information for which they have permission.