Free employee schedule template.

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Employee schedule template in Excel.

A work schedule in Excel is used by many companies and can easily be adjusted to the wishes of any user. To make scheduling even easier, ShiftBase has made a free excel template available in which a work schedule can easily be created.

Employee schedule template excel
Week schedule template

Week schedule.

With the template, a work schedule can be created per week. The dates of the schedule can easily be changed by adjusting the first date of the week; the dates that follow in that week are automatically adjusted. After the schedule is ready, it can be printed or sent to the employees.

Times and shifts.

Two tabs are available within the excel template. In the second tab "Shifts", the working hours and shifts can be managed. These times and shifts can then be selected in the work schedule, allowing you to schedule faster.

Create schedule shifts and times
Schedule shifts

Easy to adjust.

The excel template can easily be expanded with additional teams and employees. A monthly schedule could also be created from the weekly schedule. In addition, the working hours and shifts can be adjusted to the wishes of the user. In this way, the work schedule can be used in different branches.

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