15 December 2021

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Let your schedule breathe

As a planner, it is not always easy for you. Setting up a well-arranged schedule can sometimes be a real challenge. It can be quite a job that has to be done every week. In this blog we will show you how you can facilitate this.

Start a conversation with structural change requesters

You have those people who always have something. They always ask to change the schedule during the weekend. Each time they ask if they can leave earlier and always ask to exchange shifts and, as a blow, always ask for shift exchange at the very last moment. You even have people who don't come at all, so you as a planner have to deal with open shifts. And solving these shifts shortly before the shifts is anything but easy. Talk to these people after you have saved your findings in your planning tool. The key question is: do you make bad schedule or is there self-interest? Create clarity in any case.

Take the wishes and needs of your staff into account

A mixed group of employees often work within each company; full-timers, part-timers, young parents and people who are already grandparents. They all have their own wishes. Listen to that and let yourself be informed of their availability. This prevents you from having to change everything again later and makes staff planning much easier.

Communicate well about the schedule

Do not keep your schedule secret and involve the people who work at the company in the schedule. Tell them how a schedule is created. You will be thanked and it appears that if you involve people in the planning, you will work more productively and that cooperation will also work better.

Make the timetable accessible

Be upfront when distributing your schedule. Make sure that all employees can always reach their schedule, so make sure that the schedule is always available online. You will see that the number of open shifts that you have to fill will decrease, that collaboration becomes something very normal within your organization and you also notice that if there is an open shift, the rest of the team often picks it up quickly and successfully.

By following these rules, you can become a successful schedule maker and making a schedule will become a lot easier. And of course you do that online nowadays, and no longer with pen and paper or an Excel sheet. In particular, involving the staff in creating the schedule will increase availability at times when availability is tight