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Everything you need to know about ShiftBase

ShiftBase is an online application in which a work schedule can be created, worked hours can be registered and the personnel administration can be kept. Every employee has his or her own log-in data and can use the computer or mobile app to view data such as their work schedule, registered hours, plus and minus hours and holiday hour balance. Based on extensive access rights, it is possible to determine which employees have what access rights and possibilities.

General Information

ShiftBase is a software application that runs in the cloud and where all employees can log in and view their employee data. The software is used in many different industries. Some examples are: retail, production, leisure, call center and security. In addition, the software is very suitable for companies with multiple locations and departments. With ShiftBase you therefore have all your personnel data in one package.

Employee planning accessible everywhere

One of the core strengths of ShiftBase is the Employee scheduling. The application makes it easy for the planner to create a work schedule . Within the schedule, it is visible which employees are available and/or absent. In addition, the expected personnel costs are shown in the schedule and you can see the percentage of personnel costs in relation to the expected turnover. On the basis of this data you can easily create a strategic personnel planning.

Hour registration

Manage the hours worked by your employees online. We offer different ways of time registration. One of the ways is through the time registration form. This can be filled in by the supervisor or, if desired, by the employees themselves. Another way to register the hours is by means of clocking in and out using the application, mobile app or time clock.

Employee administration

The total employee administration in one clear overview within a software package. Manage the plus and minus hours and Absence-hours of your employees; let the system automatically calculate the holiday hours and keep track of the plus and minus hours. Manage contracts and link files to employees, so that you can build an online personnel file.

Reports & Export

There are 14 different reports within ShiftBase. These are reports to, for example, take the worked hours out or to review the turnover against the personnel costs, so that the costs per hour worked can be calculated. In addition, the software has a report for the payroll administration. This contains all the information required for the salary processing of the employees. All available reports can be exported to Excel or csv format.

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