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Datafox Shiftbase integration

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About Datafox

Datafox Benelux is the distributor of products for Datafox GmbH for the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Datafox GmbH develops and produces innovative systems in the field of electronic data collection which helps companies increase their efficiency. Through continuous development Datafox is the technical leader in the field of embedded systems for data collection.

Datafox offers a wide assortment of ergonomic and practical mobile or fixed terminals for data collection and access control. Users can easily, quickly and accurately record data without the possibility of manipulation. This data can then be used for detailed calculations, a solid planning, management and optimalisation. Datafox delivers transparency!

Information about the integration

You can manage the integration with Datafox yourself. Within the settings of the integration you can directly link your employees. The integration with Shiftbase is real-time. Which means that when an employee clocks in or out this will directly be registered in the software. Because of this feature you can always see what time your employees clocked in or out. If the internet connection is lost all your data will be saved on the terminal until the moment your internet connection is reconnected.


  • Real-time insight into the clock registrations
  • Clocking in or out using a tag or fingerprint scan
  • Quick, accurate and easy time registration
  • Access control
  • Absence control

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Installer l'application Discute avec nous


Créez facilement des horaires de travail en ligne avec un aperçu de la disponibilité, des absences et des coûts salariaux.

Enregistrement du temps

Enregistrez les heures travaillées en pointant à l'arrivée et au départ ou par enregistrement manuel avec mobile et ordinateur de bureau.

Quitter l'enregistrement

Les employés peuvent demander eux-mêmes un congé, afin qu'un superviseur puisse évaluer la demande.

Shiftbase application

Les avantages de Shiftbase

  • Economisez 20% sur vos charges salariales

  • Planification du personnel disponible à tout moment, n'importe où

  • Un enregistrement de temps clair

  • Lié à votre administration de la paie

D'autres entreprises qui comptent déjà sur la qualité de Shiftbase
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“With Shiftbase we can switch adequately within the work schedule and have a grip on the payroll processes. In addition, the employees are also happy because for them the schedule and hours worked are always transparent."

Barto Hulleman, Taco Bell