Free services from Google for businesses

Google is primarily known for its search engine, but it also offers entrepreneurs many (free) services to work more efficiently. We have listed the most important services.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is a platform that allows your website to communicate with Google. For example, Google will tell you whether they can correctly index your website, whether the structure of your website is clear and whether they are charmed by your backlink practices or not. You can also correct 404 errors and report sitemaps.

Pagespeed insights

The PageSpeed ​​test from Google is a performance test for web pages. A checklist is used to determine which potential performance improvements are missing on the website. Based on this, a score between 0 and 100 is calculated. A score of 100 is only given when all possible performance improvements have been implemented.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the internet browser of Google. Since its debut in 2008, Chrome has rapidly beaten all other browsers. This is partly because it is a secure browser with a fast JavaScript engine. This makes internet pages load super fast. Furthermore, there are many plugins available, making the use even more pleasant.

Google Analytics

Using the Google Analytics app you can measure how many visitors have been to your web store and how many products have been sold (conversions). In addition, you can see where visitors come today and with which searches they enter the web store.

Google Ads

Before Google Adwords, counterparts are called Google Ads. This is the Google advertising program. If you want to sell more, use Google Ads. Google Ads has a mobile app, so you can see on the go which ads convert (perform) best and which sales are linked to this.


Gmail is also included in G Suite. Gmail is the email service of Google. This email is very user-friendly and fast. In addition, Gmail has good spam filters so that you only receive email that is important to you.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is an online calendar. It is a free service from Google and can be used with a Google account. Within this application you can share calendars and schedule appointments. Multiple calendars can be created per account, all of which are displayed in one screen. With Google Calendar, online appointments can be made with other people who have a Google account. A calendar can also be shared with others or kept up to date by others. In addition, you can also subscribe to specific calendars such as holidays or events.

Google Drive

Google Drive provides free data storage for holders of a Google account. You can easily store many files, but you can also create and edit documents. Think of documents or spreadsheets.

Google Maps

If you have agreements, you can easily see how long your travel time is to the location. In addition, you can use Google maps as navigation on the road. This way you will never have to search for the location again.

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