new website

New website

In the past period we have made improvements our website. The previous site was online for over 3 years, so it was time for a renewal.

What have we taken into account during development:

Responsive design: This means that the website adapts to the screen size of the user. This makes the website easy to view on both the mobile phone, tablet and desktop computer.
Retina screens: Nowadays more and more devices are equipped with a retina screen. A retina screen, is a screen with a high resolution, making it no longer possible to distinguish the pixels on a monitor from each other. The images on our website have been adjusted for these resolutions. This makes the images sharper than without custom images.
Registration process: We have made the registration process faster because the registration takes place via a pop-in. There is no need to load a separate page to create an account.
House style: We have used a new house style for the new website. We have chosen to use the colour blue and to use derived colours. We have implemented this style across all our labels (, The name has now become ShiftBase.
Logo: We have adjusted the colors of our logo since the old logo didn't look great on the new website.
SEO optimisations: During developement, we also took search engine optimization into account. This will increase our findability via search engines such as Google and Bing.

The new website has a number of sections:

The demo is broken down by category. For example, we have a page about personnel planning and a separate page about time registration.
The most important functionalities are highlighted on these pages.

On our blog we will regularly post new messages about our developments, news from the industry and more.

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