An overview of all HR data

The dashboard contains all relevant information on the currently logged-in employee including upcoming shifts, recent hours worked, and the latest company news.

The data that is important to you

The dashboard contains widgets that are important to you. Widgets are small blocks with information about the work schedule, contracts that expire, or achieved conversion, and more. You can customise the dashboard up to your own liking, adjusting which widgets you’d like to see and choosing which periods of data to view.

  • One overview showing all the data

  • Manage your widgets

  • View the time period you choose

Shiftbase Dashboard

My Schedule

My worked hours

My Absence

News Item


With Shiftbase you can news items for one or more departments. Employees receive an immediate email or push notification of any newly posted message. Once an employee is logged in, they can comment on the news item, or download any attachments.

  • Share news items with your employees

  • Allow employees to respond to news items

  • Add attachments to news items

Open Shift

Self-scheduling with open shifts

Open shifts are shifts that are not yet linked to employees. Employees can be invited for these shifts. Invited employees will receive an email containing an invitation to the open shift. Employees can register for open shifts by email, or directly in the mobile app.

  • Let employees schedule themself

  • Save time creating schedules

Absence request ShiftBase

Leave requests

Shiftbase offers employees the opportunity to create a leave request. This may be due to holiday, sickness, or any other form of absence. Requests will be sent directly to the supervisor who has easy access to a record of all absences which can be easily exported in a detailed report as needed.

  • Create leave requests on your desktop or in the mobile app

  • Insight in your leave requests