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Employee scheduling software is increasingly used to create work schedules, yet there are many companies that still do all scheduling in spreadsheets, a slow and labour-intensive task in software not designed for the job. Take the headache out of spreadsheet scheduling with Shiftbase’s fit for purpose solution.



Easily create online work schedules in Shiftbase with insight into availability, absence and labour costs.

Time registration

Register worked hours by clocking in and out or by manual registration on your mobile device and desktop.

Leave registration

Employees can create their own leave requests so that an executive can review the request.

Plus and minus hours

Plus and minus hours are registered automatically and are shown in a nice overview.


An extensive reporting functionality that contains export capabilities for easier remuneration.


Many integrations with software packages such as payroll software, cash registers, and time clocks.

Schedule ShiftBase

Employee scheduling

Employee scheduling in Shiftbase allows you to create schedules based on employee availability and absence. In the schedule, you can see the expected wages and the percentage of wages versus the expected turnover, making it easy to create a workforce schedule.

  • Easily create work schedules based on the weather forecast

  • Scheduling based on availability and absence

  • Create schedules based on wage costs and expected turnover

Manual timesheet ShiftBase

Time registration

Time worked can be registered manually by employees or executives, or clocked-in with an online clock, mobile app, or via a link to checkout. The use of clocking shows you who is present, the current wage costs and accumulated ‘plus and minus’ hours in real-time.

  • Manual logging of hours on desktop and mobile app

  • Clock in and out on desktop, time clock or cash register integration

  • Real-time insight into the current wages

Absence request ShiftBase

Leave requests

Shiftbase offers employees the opportunity to create a leave request. This request will be sent to the supervisor for approval. In addition to leave requests, you can also register absences. The software allows you to manage the absence types yourself so that they can be customised to your company’s needs.

  • Employees can request absences themselves

  • All requests together in one place

  • Manage the absence types yourself

All the advantages in an overview

  • Simple and user-friendly software

  • For every business size

  • With a free mobile app for iPhone and Android

  • Used by a number of retailers and stores

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