About MplusKASSA

MplusKASSA is part of Bolt.nl BV. The family company was founded through a preference for exact courses such as logics, analysis and systematics. In 2004 the company grew and started to specialize in POS systems under the brand name ´MplusKASSA´. The first version from MplusKASSA was the T-line. In 2011 the Q-line from MplusKASSA was released.

MplusKASSA is the most user friendly and flexible POS software on the Dutch market. You choose and pay only for the functionalities you need, this means you never pay too much. Because MplusKASSA is only sold by certified POS dealers, there is always a specialist nearby that can help you when needed.

Information about the integration

The integration contains the following features:

  • Import of the turnover

  • Import of the clocked hours