Workforce management for everybody

Shiftbase is suitable for any type of business. From small single-site businesses to large companies with multiple locations throughout the country.

Accessible anytime, anywhere

Shiftbase is an online application in which employee schedules can be created and managed, worked hours can be registered, and HRM can take place. Each employee has his or her own login credentials and can access Shiftbase via PC or mobile app to view schedules, hours worked, plus and minus hours, and vacation time accrual. Detailed access rights determine which employees have clearance for which functions.

  • Employee scheduling

  • Time tracking

  • Absence registration

Shiftbase Schedule Week


Shiftbase is available in English, Dutch, and German.

Multiple currencies

All foreign currencies are supported, so you can use Shiftbase all over the world.

Time zone

All time zones are supported, so you can use Shiftbase anytime, anywhere.

Location structure Shiftbase

Locations and departments

Shiftbase is very flexible and suitable for companies with multiple locations and departments to manage. Locations are easily viewed using filters, and employees can be assigned to multiple departments. Within the application, you can easily switch between the different branches and departments with the ease of managing all schedules and hours on one page.

Google Authenticator

Software security

Software security is of the utmost importance at Shiftbase. We run our software in a Kubernetes cluster hosted by Google across multiple datacenters. Detailed information can be found in our security document on this website.


Shiftbase has a comprehensive access-rights structure. These access rights allow you to create and manage user groups, to which employees or departments can be assigned, allowing for granular control of employee access rights.

Multi-factor authentication

We support the use of multi-factor authentication in Shiftbase, which can be set up company-wide or per employee. Once enabled, employees must enter an authentication code from an authentication app on their smartphone to protect their accounts from being compromised.