Online schedule, timesheet and employee administration

Place all your locations and departments under one online software package.

Keep your employees up to date with the latest news.

Every employee has his own account and can log in via the website or smartphone. Logged in, employees can view their work schedule, see worked hours, request holidays, view news reports and much more.

News items

Locations and departments.

ShiftBase is very flexible and suitable for companies with multiple locations and / or departments. The different locations are easily managed by using the filters and employees can be assigned to one or more departments. Within the application you can easily switch between the different branches or departments so that you can manage all schedules and hours on one page.


ShiftBase has an extensive access rights set that allows you to decide what your employees can and can not see and do within the system. It is also possible to give employees different access rights per locations or department.

Multiple languages

ShiftBase is available in multiple languages. At this moment we support the languages ​​Dutch, English, German and French.

Mobile access

With the mobile app you have access to your data anywhere and anytime. The app is available for iPhone and Android and can be downloaded in the app store or Google play.

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