An internet application in which you can easily manage your employee data.

Human resource management in one online application.

Manage your human resources online.

Manage employment contracts, holiday hours, plus and minuses and personal information of your employees in a central location. Changes to employment contracts can be processed immediately, the overviews of the vacation allowances are easy to keep up with and overtime can be calculated quickly. All these data can be corrected if necessary.

Employee lists

All active employees are included in the personnel list with their name, address, place of residence, telephone number and e-mail address. All data is only available for employees with the right permission set.

Contract management

Manage employee contracts online. Set how the holiday hours are to be accumulated, and how the salary has to be paid out. Process changes such as address, working hours and bank account directly

File management

Link documents to employees such as identity card or report of a review interview. It is possible to set a expiry date for the uploaded documents.

Plus and minus hours

View the plus-minus overview per employee. This overview shows all plus and minus hours per week. The plus and minus can also be viewed at day level with the reporting tool. Applying corrections is also possible. Useful when starting with the use of ShiftBase or when it is decided to pay overtime.

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