About Gastrofix

The POS software of Gastrofix is cloud based and transforms your iPad into a multifunctional cash register. This way the POS system is tailored to the needs of every type of hospitality facility. With Gastrofix you can manage your hospitality business in an efficient way.

Gastrofix is a German company and has well over 20 years of experience in the POS software sector. The cloud based system continuously adjusts to the needs of the modern hospitality business. Gastrofix is a professional and powerful POS system and currently the only supplier who offers a real-time webbased backoffice. They transform iPads into mobile cash registers and iPad minis, iPods and iPhones into mobile hand terminals. Effectively reducing the time for employees for the orders and payment.

Information about the integration

The integration contains the following features:

  • Import of the turnover

  • Import of the clocked hours