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The hospitality checkout system that works the way you work

About unTill

As a hospitality entrepreneur, you are always searching for a party that understands the role of automation for your hospitality business. At unTill they understand this and with more than 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry, they know exactly what you need. This of course makes sense when all their employees have a background in the hospitality industry.

Their knowledge in the field of the hospitality industry is directly noticeable in their POS system. The ease of use is optimal and they continue to develop. Their system satisfies the specific desires of well over 3.000 customers. That is why for them it is self-evident to say that unTill has received the Hallmark Reliable Payment systems from the Dutch tax authorities.


  • Import of the turnover
  • Import of the clocked hours
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Easily create online work schedules with insight into availability, absence and wage costs.

Time registration

Register worked hours by clocking in and out or manual registration with mobile and desktop.

Leave registration

Employees can request leave themselves, so that a supervisor can assess the request.

Shiftbase application

The benefits of Shiftbase

  • Save 20% on your wage costs

  • Staff planning available anytime, anywhere

  • A clear time registration

  • Linked to your payroll administration

Other companies that already rely on the quality of Shiftbase
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“Met Shiftbase kunnen we adequaat schakelen binnen het werkrooster en hebben we grip op de verloning processen. Daarnaast zijn de medewerkers ook blij doordat voor hun het rooster en de gewerkte uren altijd inzichtelijk zijn."

Barto Hulleman, Taco Bell