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Work schedule and time registration app.

Mobile app

Mobile app

Many users of ShiftBase will have a smartphone. For these users we have developed an app in which the most used employee functionalities are available on the smartphone. This useful app has been developed for both the iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets. For the users with a different control system , ShiftBase has a mobile web app. The web app can be reached via the browser of the phone by navigating to the address of ShiftBase. A modified version of the system will then be displayed. In terms of functionalities, the app is aimed at employees but can also offer a solution for managers.

The ShiftBase app has the following functionalities:
  • View latest news and post comments;
  • View the complete work schedule;
  • Clock-in and clock-out (optionally restriced by location or IP);
  • Specify availability;
  • View worked hours;
  • View plus and minus hours (overtime);
  • Request and review holiday / absence hours;
  • Employee lists;
  • View and accept or decline open shift invitations.

News items

The application has the possibility to place news items and share them with the employees. The news items are immediately visible in the app, optionally by pop-up, from where it is possible for the employee to post a reply.

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Work schedule always accessible

Each department or location has its own employee planning and this schedule can be viewed from the app. By using the headers in the ShiftBase app you can switch between the different departments and locations. With this functionality you always have the work schedule at hand and you can see with which colleagues you are scheduled. By dragging the dates to the top left and right, you can quickly navigate to a new date.

Time registration

Check whether your worked hours have been registered correctly on any given location with the app. It is also possible to register your own worked hours in the "My Hours" tab by clicking on the pen icon on the top right of the screen. Another way to register hours is by means of clocking in and out, which can be restriced by either IP-address or GPS-location.

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availability calculation

Submit availability

It may happen that you are scheduled on days and times on which you can not work, for example because you did not have time to submit your availability. By using the time tracking app that is now a thing of the past, you can submit your availability whenever it suits you. For example when you are waiting for the train or bus.

Request absence

You want to pass a holiday period on to your supervisor, but you are unsure if you still have enough holiday hours? With the app you can check the current status of your holiday hours at any time and see how many vacation hours you have already taken up in the past. Do you have enough holiday hours to request a holiday? Then this can simply be done by clicking on the + icon on the top right of the app. After your request is sent, it will be visible in the app and be updated when your supervisor has reviewed it.

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Employee list

It may happen that more staff is needed than originally planned on the day. In this case, you can easily consult the current employee list so that you can quickly ask your colleagues for help. With the employee list in the mobile app you can also add colleagues to your contacts on your phone. You do this by clicking on the name of a colleague, and by clicking on "Add to address book".

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