The Shiftbase app

The Shiftbase app is available for both iPhone and Android. The app can be used by both employees and managers and offers all of the features most commonly used on the go.

With our mobile app, which is available for iPhone and Android, you can easily access your data anytime, anywhere. The app can be used by both employees and managers.


Get notified via push notification on your iPhone or Android device about changes to the timesheet or news items.

Quickly process changes

Quickly process changes by accessing your work schedule directly from your mobile phone on the go.

Accessible anywhere

Access the work schedule anytime and anywhere with our mobile app, from the office to the sofa.

Schedule ShiftBase


Within Shiftbase, each department or location has its own personnel work schedule. This is also viewable in the mobile app. You can switch between these different departments and locations. With this function, you will always have the right schedule at hand, and you can see the colleagues you will be working with.

  • Schedule shifts on the go

  • Offer open shifts

  • Consult the schedule anywhere

Manual timesheet ShiftBase

Time registration

In the mobile app, you can view timesheets on the go or check whether your hours are registered correctly. It is also possible to register your hours in ‘my hours’, clock in, or fully automate the process based on location!

  • Manually register time

  • Clock in and out anywhere

Absence request ShiftBase

Vacation requests

You want to request vacation from your supervisor, but you wonder if you still have enough vacation hours left? With the Shiftbase mobile app, you can request your currently available vacation balance at any time. You can see how many vacation hours you have accrued in the past and decide whether you have enough vacation hours to take time off. This is all directly viewable from within the app. As soon as your request is placed, it is sent directly to your supervisor for approval.

  • Always have your current vacation balance at hand

  • Easy on the go absence requests