A dashboard for your employees - online, reliable and transparent

A cloud-based application that allows you to easily manage your own employee data.

My Dashboard - a personal homepage

The dashboard is the homepage for every employee after logging in. The homepage contains all information relating to the logged-in employee and, depending on permissions, other employees. This includes the upcoming shifts, worked and approved hours and the latest news.


Exchange a scheduled shift.

If an employee is scheduled but he is not able to work the shift, an exchange request can be made. Exchanging shifts between employees adds to the flexibility and occupancy rate of the schedule. An exchange, however, can only be made after approval from a planner/manager.


Mobile app. Accept open shifts or check work schedules in just one click.

With our mobile app you will always have your work schedule available within seconds. When using the app as an employee, you won´t need to use a computer or laptop to check your schedule, exchange shifts or request a day off.

The ShiftBase app has the following functionalities:View latest news and post comments;View the complete work schedule;Clock-in and clock-out (optionally restriced by location or IP);Specify availability;View worked hours;View plus and minus hours (overtime);Request and review holiday / absence hours;Employee lists;View and accept or decline open shift invitations.

Request leave, holiday or other absence in one central location.

Apply for your vacation, leave or other absence with ShiftBase. Every employee can view their current vacation hours, hours spent and build-up with the system on desktop or mobile app. The system automatically calculates leave hours based on contract hours or worked hours.


Worked hours

Every employee can check whether the number of registered hours corresponds to the actually worked hours.

My schedule

ShiftBase is the ideal solution for managing your employee planning online. Every employee can view the work schedule via the internet, using the desktop or mobile app.

My absence

You can apply for absence with ShiftBase on desktop or mobile app. In addition, you can view their current abcense balance, hours spent and hour build up.

Plus and minus hours.

Per employee or contract type it can be indicated whether plus and minus hours should be calculated. Plus and minus hours are displayed per week or through reports per day/month. It is possible to make corrections on the plus minus balance. Every employee can view their balance under My Plus and Minus hours.


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