Automatically calculate overtime and minus hours

View all plus and minus hours online.

Automatically calculate overtime

Registering employees' plus and minus hours can be a time-consuming task. With ShiftBase the overtime and minus hours are automatically calculated on the basis of the contract hours, time registration and leave registration. The overtime hours and minuses are clearly displayed per week for the employees. This overview is visible for both employees and the manager.

Overtime overview

Plus-min hours report.

Within the report, overviews can be generated for the plus and minus hours. For example, the plus and minus hours per employee can be requested per day, week or period. This allows you to follow exactly how the plus-minus hours are being calculated.

Plus-min hours corrections.

Within the employee file of a specific employee, it is possible to make a correction on the plus and minus balance. A correction is usually made when determining the plus and minus hour balance when ShiftBase is put into use. In addition, corrections are also used when an employee, for example, gets the plus hours paid out on the salary. On the basis of a correction, these can be deducted from the plus and minus balance.

Plus min correction

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