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The hospitality system that works for you!

About Mr. Winston

When you are going out for dinner, or you are having a drink on a terrace you want the service to be smooth and friendly. But when it is busy, it is a challenge for the employees to maintain a good overview. What if you as an entrepreneur can get a helping hand? This is why Mr. Winston is a solution with their POS software.

Mr. Winston functions as a waiter that assists when necessary. They offer the cook a clear and sorted summary of the incoming orders. And the service staff receives a notification when they have not visited a table for 20 minutes. This of course greatly improves efficiency. This is being realized with the hospitality system called "Mr. Winston".


  • Import of the turnover
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“Met Shiftbase kunnen we adequaat schakelen binnen het werkrooster en hebben we grip op de verloning processen. Daarnaast zijn de medewerkers ook blij doordat voor hun het rooster en de gewerkte uren altijd inzichtelijk zijn."

Barto Hulleman, Taco Bell