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ShiftBase makes creating a work schedule quick and easy.

Different work schedule views

Build a shareable and printable work schedule for your college, work and holiday or any other activity with the ShiftBase online schedule maker. ShiftBase offers several ways to view a created schedule. In addition to filtering by department or team, it is possible to view the schedule of a specific day, week or month. Using the different options gives you a clear overview of the planned shifts and ensures you that there are no conflicts in the coming schedules. Because the software runs online, the employees can easily view their work schedule with the mobile app or on the computer. ShiftBase helps you keep the work schedule clear and easy.

Below you will find an example of a weekly schedule. The week view is one of the most used overviews and provides clear insight into the schedule of the current week or upcoming week.

required shifts warning

Month schedule

The monthly work schedule provides a complete overview of the requested period. This schedule can be used to give a good overview if the distribution of shifts meets the requirements, which employees are scheduled and how many shifts have been assigned per employee. The monthly schedule can also be used to quickly plan and check the remaining hours of, for example, a specific project.

Work schedule month
Timeline work schedule

Day schedule

Adjust your work schedule view to show a single day, giving you a detailed hour-to-hour schedule of the selected day. The day schedule uses a timeline so that you can clearly see which shifts have been scheduled with the according times. Easily check whether the shifts are divided as desired and which types of shifts are planned.

Team schedule

The team schedule shows the scheduled shifts per day and per team. The list of employees has disappeared in this overview, only showing the employees that are scheduled with their shift in a compact schedule per team. By using the team schedule, at a glance you can see how many shifts and employees are scheduled for a given team. The shifts are sorted by start-time so that it's clear who 'opens' the day and who 'closes'.

Team schedule view
Employee schedule filters

Useful work schedule filters

A large number of filters are available within the schedule software. By using the filters you can indicate which data you want to make visible, so that you can design your very own schedule to your liking and make it clear and understandable. For example: You choose to only show absence so that you can immediately check which employees are absent, without confusing other data such as shifts, availability, events or team notes. Use the integrated filter options to make information such as salary cost and scheduled hours visible. Filtering by contract can help you keep control of the different types of scheduled employees.

Work schedule totals

With the use of the ShiftBase employee schedule totals you gain insight into the total number of scheduled hours, the total wage costs and overtime per employee or in all. Add a budget in time or money so that the planner can take this into account and gets a warning when he is over budget. Another option is to add a forecast. When you do this, you see the percentage of salary vs turnover. You can also keep track of the contract hours versus scheduled hours per employee. By using the schedule totals you can design the perfect work schedule, based on the wishes of the employee, total costs and contract hours. ShiftBase means: The fastest way to efficient planning and scheduling‎!


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