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Get more out of Shiftbase

In addition to employee scheduling and logging hours, Shiftbase offers many more features that can save you a ton of time!

Shift schedule

Employee Scheduling

Employee scheduling software is increasingly used to create work schedules. Scheduling is time-consuming and is often a complicated task. By using our planning software, you can easily and quickly create work schedules with an overview on expected costs.

Worked hours

Time Tracking

Many companies still track their worked hours in a spreadsheet, a time-consuming task. To keep a clear overview and prevent errors, you can track time with our online time registration software. Hours worked can be tracked in various ways. This can be done through an hour registration form, time clock, or in the app!

Absence Registration

Absence Registration

With Shiftbase, you can easily request days off and keep track of vacation hours. By using Shiftbase’s online service, the entire process for absences is automated.

Over 3000 satisfied customers

More than 3000 SMBs with between 4 and 2000 employees are already using Shiftbase!
Our software is suitable for use in various industries. With an average rating of 4.5 stars, we are convinced that we can provide the solution for you as well!