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The benefits of time-tracking software

Many companies still track their worked hours in a spreadsheet, a time-consuming task. To keep a clear overview and prevent errors, you can track time with our online time registration software. Hours worked can be tracked in various ways. This can be done through an hour registration form, time clock, or in the app!

Punch clock

Hours worked can be recorded with the punch clock feature. Punching in can be done using the mobile app, a PC, or a clock terminal. Using the punch clock feature makes it easier to keep track of the real-time hours worked by employees. It also shows the current labor costs.

Punch in from anywhere you want

Punch in based on Geolocation or IP-address

Automatically round punch times

Automatically punch out after a set period of time


Manual registration

Worked hours can be registered manually via a computer or from within the mobile app. Once a registration has been saved, it will be visible in the time registration sheet where hours can be adjusted and approved.

Automatic copy from the schedule

In settings, you can choose to have hours copied automatically from the timesheet to time registration, saving your employees the effort off adding the hours themselves. A supervisor can adjust the registered hours in case of deviations from the schedule.

Online time-tracking software

Automatic rounding

Automatic break calculation

Automatic surcharge calculation

Automatic punch-out



Plus/minus-hours show the difference between the registered hours and the contract hours. This balance is automatically tracked and changed with each adjustment. With Shiftbase, manual calculation of plus and minus hours is a thing of the past!

Plus/minus-hours are calculated automatically

Plus/minus-hours can be viewed per day and cumulatively



Surcharges are easily managed in the system according to your collective labor agreement or business rules. After conditions for surcharges are set, the software will automatically calculate any surcharges for each shift in the schedule. This saves you time and gives you an immediate overview of labor cost.

Automatic calculation of surcharges

Set according to your collective labor agreement or business rules


Approving hours

All hours worked are displayed in the software and can be approved at any time from a computer or from within the mobile app.

Closing the day

The moment all registered hours have been checked for the day, the day can be closed. At that point, no additional hours can be added or adjusted. Only employees with the proper permissions to reopen the day can make changes.

Check worked hours in a clear overview

Approve hours worked from your computer or mobile app


Integrate Shiftbase with your favorite tool, such as payroll software or a POS system. With over 20 integrations, there's something for you!


The software contains several reports and integrations that can be used for the remuneration of employees.


When an overlapping shift or absence is registered, it will be indicated by a conflict notice.

Punch clock

Employees can punch in and out using the mobile app based on Geolocation or IP-address.


The mobile app allows you to obtain an overview of all hours worked at each location.


The mobile app allows you to select and adjust registered hours on the go.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Time-tracking is the registering of the number of  working hours by a person, on a certain project or task.  Whether you are active in the hospitality sector, retail or in professional services, you can register your worked hours. Many companies register the staff’s worked hours in Excel. In order to prevent errors and to keep a clear view, you can also opt for an online hours registration system.

    • Date
    • Name of the employee
    • Start and end time
    • Break times
    • Description of activity
    • Surcharges

    Online time-tracking software offers the possibility to attach additional fields to the hours registration. This allows for extra details to be registered, which may be applicable for the hours registration.