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The benefits of employee scheduling software

Employee scheduling software is increasingly used to create work schedules. Scheduling is time-consuming and is often a complicated task. By using our planning software, you can easily and quickly create work schedules with an overview on expected costs.


Create a schedule quickly and easily

With Shiftbase, you can easily set up repeating as well as standard shifts, which can be dragged and dropped into a schedule.

Recurring shifts

Scheduling a recurring shift can be done by adding a shift and making it recur for a specified period. Based on this, you can make a schedule template, which can be easily adjusted when needed. With recurring shifts, you pick which set weekdays to schedule, and an end date for the schedule.

Drag-and-drop shifts

Recurring shifts

Multiple timesheet views



Employees can indicate their availability via mobile app or PC, and it is then displayed in the work schedule, enabling the planner to take this into account easily. Additionally, supervisors can enter availability on an employee’s behalf.

Availability reminders

The software features availability reminders so employees do not forget to update their availability.

A clear overview of available employees

Automatically send availability reminders


Easily create schedules and track hours worked

The advantages of employee scheduling software are, for example, that the availability and absence of employees is shown in the schedule. Also, the expected wage costs and scheduled hours are visible, so that the planner has insight into the occupation. Because the software runs online, employee can always access the schedule using the mobile app or on a desktop.


Set maximum budget for a schedule, based on either time or salary. When the projected costs exceed the budget, a notification is sent to the planner.


Exchanging shifts

Employees can swap shifts among themselves with the approval of the scheduler. When an employee clicks on a shift, an exchange request can be sent to selected employees. Once one of the selected employees accepts the shift, the planner is notified. As soon as the exchange request is approved, the shift is automatically changed in the schedule.

Allow employees to provide their own replacements

With the approval of the scheduler


Open shifts

With open shifts, you can send employees an invitation for a particular shift. The planner determines which employees are invited, sending an email and push notification to let them know. The first employee to confirm the shift is automatically scheduled.

Inviting employees to pick up a shift

Let employees schedule their own shifts


Required shifts

It is possible to set the required occupation in the work schedule. For example, you could indicate the minimum, maximum, or the exact number of shifts to be scheduled. With required shifts, you can easily check whether the final schedule meets the desired occupancy.

A schedule that always meets the set criteria

Clear overview of the shifts to be planned

Open shifts

Invite employees to take over open shifts by emailing them and sending a push notification.

Required shifts

Specify the shifts the timesheet must include per day. This way you will always meet the desired occupancy.


Let employees specify their availability so planners can create a suitable work schedule easily.

Shift exchange

Let employees exchange shifts, either with or without the approval of a planner.


Create an employee schedule based on skill sets, which can be linked to shifts and employees.

Weather forecast

View the weather forecast in the schedule so you can easily adjust the occupancy based on the circumstances.


You can easily make changes to the timesheet by dragging and dropping shifts in the employee schedule.


Easily publish employee schedules and share them by email or push notification with your employees.


View all absences in the schedule so you can easily keep them in mind when planning shifts.

Calendar sync

Link the schedule via iCal with your personal calendar from Outlook, Google or Apple.

Working Hours Act

Real-time monitoring of the schedule for the Working Hours Act, so you can take this into account during planning.


You have instant insight into wage costs and budgets during the creation of a schedule.

Schedule app

Easily schedule shifts on the go

With our mobile app, you have insight into employee schedules. In the app, you can adjust shifts in the schedule while on the go, see how many shifts are still open, and approve exchange requests.

View the overall schedule

Specify availability

Link via iCal possible

Scheduling shifts

Accept exchange requests

View open shifts


  • What is an employee scheduling software? 

    An employee scheduling software is a time management tool to keep track of employees' schedules. Using this software, you can develop, manage and automate employee schedules. The use of  employee scheduling softwares by businesses with hourly workers can maximize efficiency and free up resources for other tasks. 

    There are many features available in employee scheduling softwares. For example, as soon as scheduling conflicts arise, this will be automatically flagged in the system. Furthermore, all employee vacation, sickness, and compensation time is tracked regularly. Sheduling softwares also provide analytical and reporting tools that are helpful for employee remuneration and improving scheduling tactics over time.  

    Overall, scheduling softwares assists business owners, managers, and HR employees in managing employee schedules by  automating and streamlining the process of creating and tracking employee schedules.

  • What are the features of Shiftbase scheduling software?

    Update on the go

    Shiftbase's mobile app allows busy managers to access their schedules from anywhere, anytime.

    Streamline Communication

    When you add, edit, or delete shifts on a desktop or mobile device, employees are notified in real-time. Additionally, employees  can easily switch shifts amongst themselves based on their availability.

    Empower Employees

    Employees have the option to claim open shifts at their convenience depending on schedules and capacity needs.

    Easily Manage Compliance

    With schedule templates managers can easily schedule recurring  shifts and mark favorites, so you don't have to start from scratch each time. You can also create standard lunch breaks, shift rules, and even manage labor costs with shift budgets: an automatic calculation is made based on employment rates and overtime hours.

    Access at-a-glance insights

    Scheduler Dash, or the library of standard reports, provides a simple way to see who's scheduled, what gaps exist, and employee preferences, availability, and planned time off.

  • Why should you use employee scheduling software?

    Traditionally, it's the responsibility of facility managers to prepare employee schedules using pencil and paper.

    Thanks to personal computers, these executives could now create spreadsheets digitally rather than by hand. In the long run, spreadsheets have been a basic tool, but now there are employee scheduling apps focused specifically on employees that make it all much easier for managers in charge of scheduling.

    Employee scheduling software today offers managers the benefits of time savings, increased productivity, and lower costs. Their capabilities go beyond just speeding up the scheduling process. 

    Software solutions for employee scheduling have been associated with an 88% increase in coverage. They offer many advantages, including automating specific processes and improving team communication.

  • Why is employee scheduling important?

    It helps increase efficiency.

    A successful business needs a smooth and consistent workflow. As a facility manager, you make a schedule with work hours, deadlines, etc. An employee scheduling system will especially be a great help for managers.

    By making maximum use of existing skills, knowledge and resources, can helps increase productivity. It can also help an organization identify potential training or development needs and develop strategies to address them. An effective workforce planning system makes it easier for companies to adapt quickly when the organizational climate changes or new technology is introduced.

    Manages employee attendance and pay

    Employees must be consistent and productive during work hours to meet project goals and deadlines. Managers must follow up on regular payments on time and deal with them appropriately. 

    For example, if certain employees frequently take leaves or arrive later than their shift times, you track this in the system and tell management so they can take action.

    That's not all. You can also use employee scheduling to calculate the hourly wages of contract and part-time workers before payday if they are contracted.

    It makes shift management efficient.

    Employees will likely work in shifts if the company is always open. It's not a good idea to overbook your employees or allow them to arrive randomly, disrupting your work. You can avoid these issues completely with the help of a good employee scheduling system.

    Schedule workers based on their previous work experience, skills, and previous shifts. Employees can communicate easily and thereby signifcantly reduce conflict. 53% of shift workers believe that clear schedule communication enhances shift workers' performance by creating a more fulfilling work environment.

    Overtime management

    Scheduling  overtime is sometimes unavoidable. As a facility manager, you must ensure that these allocations are reasonable because such shifts reduce employee productivity (one study found that a 10% increase in overtime reduced productivity by 2.4%).

    Consider hours worked, pay rate, and employee availability when scheduling overtime. In addition, overtime workers need to be paid in accordance with labor laws. It is, therefore, more vital than ever to keep track of employee work hours and schedule them effectively.

    Schedule employees' leave

    Employees will take leaves from time to time. During these times, you must ensure that work remains smooth as a facility manager. To approve leaves, you must rely on employee scheduling or modify work schedules to accommodate them. The systems you set up will ensure fair leave approvals and appropriate work allocation.

  • What are the advantages of shift planning software?

    Employee scheduling is vital for successful  and is used by all businesses. Your company will reap many benefits when you create the best employee schedule. Here is four of the benefits you can count on:

    Reduction in employee turnover

    Employees will be less likely to look elsewhere to work if they feel their hours are properly scheduled and there are few problems with their schedules. To keep your employees happy, you must maintain their trust and fairness in their schedules.

    Simple Time-Tracking/Payroll

    Managing employee schedules and tracking time are closely related. With the rights scheduling even payroll processes can become allot easier.

    Ensure productivity

    Employees need a schedule aligned with their responsibilities to stay focused and know what they are expected to accomplish daily. Clear expectations will increase employee productivity. 

    Trouble-free operation

    You will ensure your business runs smoothly by scheduling the right employees at the right times. A retail business, for instance, needs its best employees to work during the busiest times to function smoothly. Scheduling will prevent or even eliminate gaps, and other scheduling conflicts completely.

  • Essential scheduling software features for field services and construction

    It would help if you spent little time or effort creating an accurate employee schedule. Scheduling systems can help you automate and save you time during the day. The following are some things to look for in scheduling software!

    Automatic employee notification

    Using your scheduling software, you should notify your employees about schedule changes in real-time. It is essential to communicate effectively with employees off-site to manage their schedules and expectations. 

    Shift/job changes

    Using a schedule that allows employees to seamlessle switch between shifts and jobs is highly beneficial as employees can  manage schedule changes without the help of the manager. 

    Leave/ vacation tracking

    The best scheduling softwares always have a feature to help managers tracks employee leaves and vacation time. This software should also provide employees with the ability to submit leave or holiday requests. 


    The software should be compatible with all computers and smartphones. Its essential for employees to be able to access their schedule anytime, from anywhere.


    Employees should be able to schedule themselves easily  through a user-friendly sheduling system. This system should also be a straightforward and simple approach to scheduling that simplifies the process and overview.


    When you are in the construction or field service industry, your employees should know where they will work. Your employees will appreciate the convenience of using a scheduling tool that automatically navigates them to their assigned jobs. The right software makes it easy to find the right solution for your business. 

  • What are the features of an employee scheduling app?

    Features of an employee scheduling app may include; creating employee and staff schedules, filling in upcoming shifts, distributing schedules, viewing time off, reconciling timesheets, managing shift swapping and improving team communication. The software should also provide tools and data to prevent time theft, control labor costs, and align labor with forecasted demand in the scheduling process. All of these features are available on one cloud-based platform.

  • How does workforce scheduling software control labor costs?

    You can view employee wages in real time and adjust staffing accordingly. In addition, you can view payroll costs by team, week, or location to stay within budget. In addition, by considering various factors, such as hourly rates, qualifications, and overtime, this software can determine which employees are the best fit for certain shifts.

  • How can an employee scheduling tool help you comply with labor laws?

    Scheduling is directly mapped to pay & hour compliance policies, so you'll receive notifications when non-compliant shifts are scheduled so that you can adjust your schedule. Plus, you can assign qualifications, licenses, and certifications to employees so they can only work shifts they're qualified to work.

  • Can employees see their shifts on their phones using Shiftbase?

    The Shiftbase app allows employees to see their schedules on their phones. Employees can view their shifts anytime, anywhere, with the employee scheduling feature. Additionally, they  can easily request time-off and change shifts through their phones.

  • How many employees can you schedule with Shiftbase?

    The Shiftbase scheduling platform allows you to schedule anywhere from 20 to 200,000 employees. The platform can handle all types of businesses - small, mid-market, or enterprises.

  • Is there a Shiftbase mobile app for iOS and android?

    Yes! The Shiftbase employee scheduling app is available and works smoothly for both iOS and android devices.

  • How do you communicate with employees using Shiftbase?

    The Shiftbase platform enables managers to send announcements to specific teams, locations, and employees on time, ensuring that time-sensitive information reaches its intended recipients. In the mobile app, announcements are pushed as notifications whenever they are broadcast to employees.

  • Does Shiftbase integrate with my payroll & HRIS systems?

    Yes! Shiftbase provides open API integrations with a wide range of other software providers. The integrations allow you to easily integrate sales data straight from the POS, sync employee information directly to payroll, and transfer timesheet data directly to payroll.

  • What is the best employee scheduling software?

    Scheduling software must save you time while leaving your google calendar free for other priorities. Additionally, it should reduce labor costs for you. The best software for this is typically one that offers a good deal of customization and is user-friendly. An example of such software is Shiftbase.

  • Does Shiftbase integrate with time & attendance softwares?

    Yes - it's one of the most important integrations you can have with a scheduling tool. The Shiftbase platform provides scheduling, timekeeping, and attendance information, all in one place. It is crucial to monitor absence in real time. The scheduling system constantly collects data from time clocks, enabling managers to track time actively, compare scheduled vs. actual hours, and fill open shifts as necessary. Additionally, timesheets are more accurate and detailed due to this integration.

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