About Shiftbase

The story behind the software we build with a team full of passion!

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But where did it all start, really?

Shiftbase is offered as a workforce management solution since January 2011. Founders Jurrien Strobel and Kars Frijters have a lot of experience in developing software, with a lot of love and devotion they have developed shiftbase. Software that has now become an established part of the industry.


A trusted partner for over 10 years!


Start up! 👾

We start building the software.


Kick-off 'Horecasystem' 🚀

During the 2011 Horecava, we launched our software!


Our first employee! 🎉

Pretty soon we need more hands and expand our team.


We continue to grow ️↗️

More than 1000 satisfied customers and a well-known name in the Netherlands!


New name, new features ✏️

We continue under the name 'Shiftbase' with the interface in a new look as well.


Big plans are nothing without planning! 😉

We are also going to conquer the market in Germany and the United Kingdom!


Time for you! 🤝

...and now? Now we are going to help you set up your planning tool and look forward to a successful future full of time savings!

6,000+ businesses already rely on Shiftbase

More than 6000 SMBs with between 4 and 2000 employees are already using Shiftbase! Our software is suitable for use in various industries. With an average rating of 4.5 stars, we are convinced that we can provide the solution for you as well!


Aisha Washington

Get Further

We needed a way to keep track of tuition schedules for our students and tutors. Thanks to Shiftbase it’s easy to set up schedules and pay tutors. It's better than trying to schedule in Excel!


Willem Wolfs

Vegan Junk Food Bar

We have been using Shiftbase for more than five years now and are very satisfied. We are especially pleased with the excellent service. This makes it a very pleasant company to work with.


Sabina Kurtovic


We are very happy with Shiftbase, it is very simple and we like companies that create systems that are no more complicated than they need to be. We would definitely recommend it to other companies.