Use Shiftbase in your facility management company

All scheduling and time registration for your facility management company


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Easily create online work schedules in Shiftbase with insight into availability, absences, and labor costs.

Time registration

Register worked hours by clocking in and out or by manual registration on your mobile device or PC.

Absence registration

Employees can create their own absence requests to be reviewed by a supervisor.

Plus and minus hours

Plus and minus hours are registered automatically and are shown in a nice overview.


Our extensive reporting functionality contains export capabilities for easier remuneration.


Effective integration with software packages, such as payroll software, cash registers, and time clocks.


Employee scheduling

Employee scheduling in Shiftbase allows you to create schedules based on employee availability and absences. The schedule shows the expected wages and the percentage of wages to expected revenue, making it easy to schedule your workforce.

Easily create work schedules based on weather forecasts

Schedule based on availability and absences

Create schedules based on wage costs and expected revenue


Time registration

Time worked can be registered manually by employees or supervisors or clocked via an online clock, mobile app, or via a link to checkout. Time registration shows you who is present, the current wage costs, and accumulated ‘plus and minus’ hours in real time.

Manual logging of hours via PC or mobile app

Clock in and out on PC, via time clock, or with cash register integration

Real-time insight into current wage costs


Absence requests

Shiftbase offers employees the option of creating an absence request. This request will be sent to the supervisor for approval. In addition to absence requests, you can also register absences. The software allows you to manage the absence types yourself, so they can be customized to the needs of your company.

Employees can initiate absence requests

All requests together in one place

Manage the absence types yourself

All the advantages of one overview

Simple and user-friendly software

For every business size

Includes free mobile app for iPhone and Android

Used by a number of facility companies

Employee scheduling

Look at the most recent schedule while on the go and make schedule changes easily. Lets employees specify their availability so you can plan more easily.

Time tracking

Worked hours can be registered via the mobile app, either through manual input or by clocking hours according to the GPS location or IP address of the device.

Absence registration

Employees can create their own absence requests. The supervisor receives an email with the request and can review the absence request on PC or in the mobile app.

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Aisha Washington

Get Further

We needed a way to keep track of tuition schedules for our students and tutors. Thanks to Shiftbase it’s easy to set up schedules and pay tutors. It's better than trying to schedule in Excel! A helpful feature is the ability for tutors to show their availability, and for us to send open shifts out to the tutor pool.


Sabrina Barten

Flying Tiger

We are very satisfied with Shiftbase because all of our employees can easily see their schedule in the mobile app and they can specify their availability! Also the customer service is very helpful and responds quickly to all our questions.


Stephan Boerman

International Wellness Resorts

With Shiftbase, we can easily assign our employees to different departments and teams, clearly and quickly. In addition, the mobile app offers insights into work schedules and current holiday positions from anywhere.