Creating an employee schedule with ease

Many companies work with part-timers and changing working hours. Shiftbase is an easy-to-use employee scheduling software to create a flexible schedule for a longer period. The schedule optionally shows the expected personnel costs, expected turnover and budgets to be spent. Furthermore, availability and absence of employees can be kept track of, allowing the planner to take into account the wishes of the employees. After the work schedule is finished, it can be shared by email or viewed by using the mobile app.

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Time tracking registration with a clock terminal or our free app

Register worked hours with Shiftbase. This can be done via computer, mobile app and clock terminal. Get a real-time view of the attendance and current wage costs.

  • Hour registration via PC, app and clock terminal

  • Clocking hours with a keychain or fingerscan

  • See real-time attendance and labor costs

  • Easily pay worked hours

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Manage leave requests whenever and wherever you want

Shiftbase allows managers to register absences. All out of office types are manageable and can be requested from within the mobile app for iPhone and Android.

  • Manage all leave requests

  • Absences visible in the app

  • Insight in the current holiday-hours balance

  • Absence types can be managed

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Get more out of Shiftbase

In addition to employee scheduling and hour registration, Shiftbase offers many more features that can save you a lot of time!

Plus- en minus hours

Plus minus hours

Plus and minus hours are calculated automatically. These are the worked and absent hours, compared to the hours in the contract.

Surcharge calculation


Shiftbase features an automatic calculation of surcharges. These surcharges can be set up per contract type or per shift.

Employee reports


Get valuable information from Shiftbase with the different reports that are available. You can simply send the payroll data to your accountant for example.

The advantages of Shiftbase!

  • Easy and quick to use thanks to our user-friendly interface

  • All settings, such as access rights and absence types, are managed by you

  • Very suitable for companies with multiple locations and departments

  • Many integrations available and the ability to use the public API

Employee administration

The Shiftbase app, for both employees and managers

The Shiftbase app is available for both iPhone and Android phones. The mobile app has all the features that are used by the managers and employees on a daily basis.

With our mobile app, available for iPhone & Android you can easily access to your data anytime and anywhere. The app can be used by both employees and managers.

Over 1800 customers

More than 1800 companies are already using Shiftbase. The number of employees that these companies employ is between 4 and over 2000 employees. The software can be used at various locations and different sectors.

A personal demonstration in Shiftbase by telephone

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