7 tips for a healthy office

7 December 2021

7 tips for a healthy office

The design of an office has a lot of influence on the workplace. More than a desk and a laptop is needed. In this blog we provide a number of tips on how an office can help motivate and inspire employees.

1. Desks

We already mentioned the desk. Look at what your staff needs. Sometimes an average desk is sufficient. But some functions require a large work table, for example for rolling out or unfolding building plans or large maps. There are of course also handy corner desks where the employee can work in a more flexible way. Also take a look at sit-stand options, so that an employee can alternately work while sitting, standing or even cycling. It also benefits their health.

2. Seats

Office chairs are a subject on their own. If you look at an average company, you will be shocked at how often people are still sitting in the wrong chair or in the right chair that is not properly adjusted. Many managers think they are smart by saving money on seating furniture, but do not realize the risk they run if one of their employees develops chronic complaints.

3. Light

With lighting, just like at home, you can also create a certain atmosphere in the office. Remember that your staff spends multiple hours a day in this room. If you still have fluorescent lighting: this light flickers much more often than you realize and is tiring for the eyes. Are you looking for an alternative? There are LED panels that provide natural white light and research has shown that they will increase productivity.

4. Plants

Why create fun at home with plants and set up a sterile workplace in your company? Plants definitely contribute to a bit of fun. Where people work hard, it can be a bit atmospheric. There are enough plants that do not require any special care and that you do not need to water every day.

5. Relaxation

Wherever you work hard, it may also be time to relax. If there is room for it, place a table tennis table or a football game. Just assume that the concentration is higher again after a sporty interlude. This also works well for the team spirit.

6. Space

A general remark regarding interior design: it is very important that every employee has enough space. The Working Conditions Decree contains clear guidelines with regard to square meters per person. Stick to that and give your staff a little more space, they will definitely appreciate that. Certainly in rooms where people receive a lot of calls, a little distance apart is very pleasant.

7. Temperature and ventilation

Nothing is as annoying as working all day in a room where it is too cold or too hot. The productivity of your staff is absolutely dependent on the climate in the workspace. Make sure that the heating works properly in the winter. Have the air conditioning checked before the start of the summer. Finally: ensure good ventilation at the office, through windows that can be opened or a properly functioning air circulation.