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 The inspiring success story of AMP/2MC Medical Logistics
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Discover the inspiring success story of AMP/2MC Medical Logistics, a market leader in specialized logistics for the medical sector. With the help of Shiftbase, a user-friendly staff scheduling tool, 2MC has improved its operational efficiency and experienced professional growth. Read on to find out how Shiftbase made a difference.

The Challenge: Maintaining Overview During Growth

With a fleet that transports medicines and diagnostic materials throughout the Netherlands daily, 2MC faced challenges in employee scheduling and maintaining a clear staffing overview. The rapid growth from 40 to 200 employees made it difficult to maintain an overview and organize the planning efficiently.

The Solution: Shiftbase for Transport Planning

After searching for an efficient employee scheduling tool, 2MC got in touch with Shiftbase. With the dedicated consultants of Shiftbase, they found a total solution that met their needs. Thanks to the proactive attitude of the consultant, the transport planning was fully integrated into Shiftbase. The user-friendly nature and clear design of Shiftbase contributed to 2MC's professional growth.

Results: Insight, Efficiency, and Cost Savings

  • Insight into the entire fleet, including available and non-available vehicles.
  • Detailed information per vehicle, such as maintenance status, mileage, and available capacity.
  • Efficient staff planning with a reduction of 1 FTE, resulting in cost savings.
  • Improved operational overviews and streamlined workflow thanks to Shiftbase's user-friendly interface.
  • Increased customer satisfaction due to faster response times and better organized transport planning.
  • The ability to make real-time changes in the fleet and planning, increasing flexibility and adaptability.

The success story of AMP/2MC Medical Logistics and Shiftbase illustrates the power of an effective employee scheduling tool. By using Shiftbase, 2MC has not only achieved operational efficiency but also professional growth. Their confidence in Shiftbase is so great that they have already recommended it to multiple parties. This success testifies to the value and impact of Shiftbase in the logistics sector.

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