Structuring Rapid Growth with Shiftbase
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    Liset Schiphorst has been working with Shiftbase since December 2022, transitioning from Excel and a basic clocking program to Shiftbase. Intrigued by this change, we interviewed Liset Schiphorst, Operational Manager at

The Situation Before Shiftbase

"We started small over 5 years ago with our concept and quickly grew into an organization with many employees and collaborations with freelancers. We have office staff with fixed hours and drivers who need to be scheduled. These drivers start at 6 AM and, depending on traffic, complete their rounds within a certain time. At the end of the day, everyone submits their hours worked, which we processed in Excel."

"With rapid growth, we eventually lost track of when everyone returned and how many hours they worked. Everything was based on trust, somewhat cumbersome, and uncontrolled."

"We sought structure. From a previous employer, I was familiar with another simple planning system. We implemented this fairly simply for scheduling and clocking in. That's how we did it for the past 2 years."

"When we started working with AFAS, we looked for a link between hours worked and all leave requests. That's how we came across Shiftbase."

The Solution

Using Shiftbase allows to exchange data between different systems:

  • Automatically generating employment contracts
  • Making changes in one place
  • Automating as much as possible

Scheduling is much faster. It's very easy to drag and drop in schedules and then deploy them to employees. Especially if you are familiar with scheduling, using Shiftbase is very straightforward and user-friendly.

"It's very convenient to clock in on your own phone, location-based. It's nice that we can specify within Shiftbase where our employees can clock in and out. Our drivers all start at 6 AM, when most people are not yet around. As soon as they enter the office or logistics center, they can clock in. Now I have insight into whether everyone is starting on time."

The Result has gained much more control and save time in scheduling their employees.

  • Over 20% time saving in making schedules
  • The ability to link different contract types (such as zero-hour, permanent, or freelance contracts) to different employees
  • Insight into wage costs and worked hours through the link with AFAS

"We have a high season, meaning our drivers now make many extra hours and work fewer hours in the summer. We can easily track this in Shiftbase. We also work with many freelancers, of whom we have insight into their worked hours. And then we have zero-hour contracts, all easily managed in Shiftbase."

"The next step is to get more out of the reports available; there's so much more we're not yet using. We are very satisfied with the way we now work with AFAS & Shiftbase."

Employee scheduling and Time-tracking software!
Employee scheduling and Time-tracking software!
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