Social Capital and Happy Tosti Transform Time Tracking and Employee Scheduling with Shiftbase

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Social Capital, an ambitious organization with a passion for social impact, is responsible for operating various companies, including Happy Tosti. Social Capital aims to provide meaningful and enjoyable workplaces for people with a distance to the labor market. The goal is to simplify work for employees while simultaneously increasing insights, says Wibe Smulders, Financial Director of Social Capital. With ongoing growth and the acquisition of various companies, the challenge of time tracking and employee scheduling came to the forefront.

The Challenge

Due to expansion and various acquisitions, Social Capital faced multiple companies, each with their own method of time tracking. This ranged from companies using Excel to those without any structured scheduling, leading to confusion and discussions about issues like holiday pay and overtime. Social Capital was looking for a uniform, user-friendly, and clear system that would benefit both employees and supervisors.

The Solution

The solution came in the form of Shiftbase, a system that has been used by Happy Tosti since 2016. Shiftbase offered a clear and straightforward system for creating schedules. This created a consistent, measurable, and insightful method for time tracking and employee scheduling.

"We have implemented Shiftbase in all the companies we have acquired," says Wibe. "It's user-friendly, clear, and provides clarity for both staff and management. The system also gives us important KPIs such as wage cost percentage relative to turnover and labor productivity."



The implementation of Shiftbase has provided several concrete benefits to Social Capital:

  • Improved insight into the wage costs of schedules
  • Increased clarity for employees and supervisors
  • Real-time insight into turnover through integration with cash register systems
  • Easy to link with other systems such as AFAS
  • Continuous growth and adaptation to the needs of Social Capital

Shiftbase has proven to be an essential part of Social Capital's operations, earning the trust of both employees and management.

"Shiftbase listens to our suggestions and is continuously evolving. And that's exactly what we need," says Wibe of Social Capital.

Employee scheduling and Time-tracking software!
Employee scheduling and Time-tracking software!
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