How Spare Rib Express Gained Insights into the Performance of Various Branches

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    Gerben van Kempen

Spare Rib Express, a leading franchisor in the foodservice industry, operates 75 locations run by 50 different entrepreneurs. The franchisees range from seasoned business owners managing multiple outlets to newcomers in the sector.

Gerben van Kempen serves as a franchise consultant, supporting these entrepreneurs in the daily management of their local businesses. He acts as a vital link between various stakeholders, offering tailored assistance to each individual, all with a unified goal: success and growth for all involved.

The Challenge - More Efficient Staff Management

In the initial phase, many entrepreneurs relied on traditional methods for time tracking and employee scheduling, such as Excel spreadsheets and whiteboards. While these methods seemed adequate at first glance, they were prone to errors in reality and offered limited insights or control. Moreover, there was a challenge in managing the workforce, primarily comprised of part-timers, young workers, and students.

The need for a better system became even more pressing in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, which drastically shifted the market and underscored the importance of efficient staff management. Spare Rib Express sought an integrated solution that could replace the existing systems and provide a consistent answer.

The Solution - Insights into Personnel Costs

Shiftbase was introduced as a comprehensive solution for time tracking and employee scheduling. The transition to Shiftbase was a gradual one, but the software's value quickly became evident. To date, 25 locations have made the switch to Shiftbase, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

What makes Shiftbase invaluable is its ability to integrate and analyze business data in a way that was previously unattainable. With Shiftbase's software, Spare Rib Express now has essential insights, such as detailed personnel costs and data comparisons from different branches. This allows business owners to proactively address issues and make data-driven decisions.

Results - Improvement in Operations

Utilizing Shiftbase has led to significant improvements in Spare Rib Express's operations, including:

  • Enhanced control over revenue in relation to personnel costs.
  • Improved performance figures per location.
  • Anticipating and proactively adjusting based on data.
  • Savings on personnel costs. 


One standout result is the ability to pinpoint specific challenges and address them. With the data provided by Shiftbase, business owners can answer questions like, "How can I reduce personnel costs?" by looking specifically at where the issues lie in staff scheduling. This approach is essentially data-driven, giving entrepreneurs insights into the balance of hours worked on various roles and its impact on business outcomes.


Spare Rib Express's experience with Shiftbase highlights the software's potential to revolutionize time tracking and employee scheduling. With the capacity to make data-driven decisions, compare performance across branches, and offer real-time information access for employees, Shiftbase presents a valuable solution for businesses of all sizes.

"Shiftbase is a must-have tool... It offers insights that you can't get from written rosters or even in Excel." - Gerben van Kempen, Franchise Consultant at Spare Rib Express.

This success story from Spare Rib Express showcases the power of investing in the right tools and technologies. With Shiftbase, Spare Rib Express franchisees can thrive and elevate their operational management.