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Meet Django Stoutenburg of Tomingroep, a work-learning company in the Almere, The Netherlands area focusing on discovering and developing the talents of people with a distance to the labor market. Thanks to Shiftbase, an advanced tool for staff planning, the Cleaning Department 449 of Tomingroep has undergone a true transformation in their planning and work processes since July 2022. In this success story, we share how Django Stoutenburg, the operational planner at Tomingroep, and his team implemented this change.

The Situation Before Shiftbase

Managing the schedule of 90 employees with a mix of fixed and variable services at Cleaning 449 was no easy task. Using Excel spreadsheets presented various challenges, such as copying schedules and checking worked hours. Moreover, the scheduling was handled by just one person, making the process vulnerable and time-consuming.

The Solution

In search of a better solution, Django discovered Shiftbase. After a successful pilot with a 'no cure no pay' result, he introduced Shiftbase to his team. Despite many team members having little experience with digital tools, they quickly became comfortable with Shiftbase, thanks to its user-friendliness.

Shiftbase offered a solution to Excel's error-proneness by enabling automatic transfer of schedules to the next week. Django could easily drag and drop shifts and assign employees to tasks and services. Moreover, Shiftbase helped make the Working Hours Act (Arbeidstijdenwet, ATW) compliance more transparent, preventing violations of this law. "If someone has worked 48 hours in a week, that is immediately visible in the schedule. That employee is then scheduled one day less the following week," says Django.

For employees, the app brings structure and overview. Everyone has their account to view their schedule and request leave. The leave request goes to the foreman, who can look at the schedule and approve the request if it fits. "Shiftbase offers the opportunity to look ahead!" Django says enthusiastically.

The Result

The implementation of Shiftbase has yielded significant, measurable results for the Cleaning Department 449:

  • 20% time saving on scheduling and leave registrations
  • Happy employees who can request leave themselves
  • 30% time saving on time tracking
  • Reduction in the number of queries about schedules and leave
  • Simplification of approval processes for foremen
  • Improved transparency and control over data
  • Focus on more critical tasks thanks to time savings
  • Increased efficiency and structure within the department
  • Previously, 6 people were needed for staff planning and time tracking. 

Now, 4 foremen only need to approve matters based on the overview in Shiftbase.

Transparency is key at Reiniging 449. "The use of Shiftbase encourages employees to check their hours. If there are questions, the system can be directly consulted, and a solution offered," explains Django.

Shiftbase has fundamentally changed the way Tomingroep manages its staff planning and time tracking . The success story of Django and his team is a powerful testament to the effectiveness and added value of Shiftbase. It demonstrates that with the right tools, it is possible to increase efficiency, save time, and improve transparency and structure within an organization.

As Django aptly summarizes: "Shiftbase offers the opportunity to look ahead!" With Shiftbase, Tomingroep has been able not only to look to the future but also to shape it.

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