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About Loon

Loon started as an administration office. In 1993 a start was made to put GrossNet data on diskette. Four years later the package was expanded with a module that allowed the user to save the wages as well. Thus was born the first version of a fully-fledged payroll programme.

Loon is the salary programme for SMEs. Thanks to the extensive integration of all regulations, percentages and premiums of all over 200 Dutch professional groups, Loon with 8900 users is the most sold salary package of the Netherlands!

Functioning of the link

The number of hours worked is automatically loaded into Loon by means of a CSV file. The data is then directly processed in the salary administration. Subsequently, a report is available containing all data necessary for the remuneration. You no longer have double capturing and you always work with the most current data. 


  • Reading hours worked with a CSV file
  • Create reports
  • Current data available
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“Met Shiftbase kunnen we adequaat schakelen binnen het werkrooster en hebben we grip op de verloning processen. Daarnaast zijn de medewerkers ook blij doordat voor hun het rooster en de gewerkte uren altijd inzichtelijk zijn."

Barto Hulleman, Taco Bell