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Knowledge base available

Written by: Bart on 24 October 2019

Knowledge base Our software is becoming more and more user-friendly, but that doesn’t mean that customers won’t have questions. Our servicedesk handles many questions by telephone and e-mail, but sometimes the customer would also like to look up the answer theirselves. That is why we have an extensive knowledge base. All items are organized by […]

Nmbrs integration

Written by: Bart on 4 October 2019

ShiftBase has set up an integration with salary software ‘Nmbrs’. The advantage of this integration is that data only has to be entered into one software solution, and automatically ends up in the integrated software. The advantage is that the chance of errors is reduced, and time is saved because data only has to be […]

6 Benefits for using punch clock

Written by: Bart on 4 October 2019

Within many companies, time registration is still done via an overflowing Excel file, or perhaps employees submit time sheets themselves which are entered manually in an overview. In these “old-fashioned” ways, time registration remains a time-consuming and error-prone task. Are your employees accurate in passing on hours? Do you register the received hours accurately and […]

Why online personnel administration has many advantages

Written by: Bart on 4 October 2019

The personnel file; An important part of most entrepreneurs, but not always their favorite. With the arrival of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), cabinets full of folders with personal data of your employees are a thing of the past. What are the benefits of the new way of personnel administration, or e-HRM? An important […]

7 benefits of online staff planning software

Written by: Bart on 2 October 2019

A lot of companies are using Microsoft Excel to make their personnel planning. Excel is a very nice service, but not the best solution for creating a work schedule. Although the great advantage of scheduling in Excel is that a schedule can be arranged entirely according to one’s own wishes, this can be accomplished in […]

7 steps to get more sales from the terrace

Written by: Bart on 19 September 2019

Many catering companies, but also retail stores with a catering section have a terrace. In this blog we give a number of tips to get more sales from your terrace. 1. Appearance of the terrace The terrace is not only a means to generate extra turnover, it also determines the appearance of the company. Fine […]

5 Tips for preparing a resume.

Written by: Bart on 19 September 2019

Your curriculum vitae, also called resume, is very important for your application. What should you pay attention to and what can you do to make your CV the perfect business card for a company? From the use of color to a photo, here are five tips for a good resume. With a good CV you […]

Useful software for retail companies

Written by: Bart on 19 September 2019

There are many software solutions on the market that can be used by entrepreneurs in the retail sector. Below we have highlighted a few of the the best known solutions. Lightspeed cash register Every physical store has a cash register. There are many different POS solutions on the market. For a cash register within the […]

New website

Written by: Bart on 19 September 2019

In the past period we have made improvements our website. The previous site was online for over 3 years, so it was time for a renewal. What have we taken into account during development: Responsive design: This means that the website adapts to the screen size of the user. This makes the website easy to […]

7 Tips for working in warm weather

Written by: Bart on 19 September 2019

With the longest heat wave ever measured in the Netherlands, it has been very hot for days. Temperatures of 33 degrees are no exception. During a heat wave, you are not immediately ready to go to work, but what about the working conditions and what can you do as an entrepreneur to make it as […]