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The future is online!

Written by: Bart on 12 September 2019

We have more and more options online. As an entrepreneur it is important to keep up with the times. Nowadays it is possible to see your company data anywhere, anytime. Shiftbase is a maintenance-friendly environment to work with and easily scalable. What are the things that you should pay attention to with online staff planning […]

Work more efficiently and productively

Written by: Bart on 12 September 2019

Time is scarce for entrepreneurs. By working more effectively and productively, you can get much more out of a working day. Be more successful and run a successful business by not necessarily working anymore, but working more effectively. In this article you will read useful tips and ways in which you can organize your time […]

Grip on labor costs

Written by: Bart on 12 September 2019

Do you know what your staff costs? How high are your total annual personnel costs? How much control do you have on these employee costs? In this blog I would like to show you how much influence you have on your labor costs (what can you save on) and thus remain successful with your company. […]

Let your schedule breathe

Written by: Bart on 12 September 2019

As a planner, it is not always easy for you. Setting up a well-arranged schedule can sometimes be a real challenge. It can be quite a job that has to be done every week. In this blog we will show you how you can facilitate this. Start a conversation with structural change requesters You have […]

4 Tips for keeping that perfect employee

Written by: Bart on 12 September 2019

Retaining staff is not easy and at the same time extremely important for every successful company. The costs for replacing an employee are on average as high as the full annual salary of the relevant position. These costs are not only in recruiting and training a new employee, but also in the loss of knowledge […]

6 tips to get more out of your staff

Written by: Bart on 12 September 2019

How do you ensure that staff is fully involved in your company? The employees are the heart of a successful company. What can you do as an employer to encourage your staff as positively as possible, so that less illness occurs, and the staff will work harder? In this article you will find tips to […]

7 tips for a healthy office

Written by: Bart on 12 September 2019

The design of an office has a lot of influence on the workplace. More than a desk and a laptop is needed. In this blog we provide a number of tips on how an office can help motivate and inspire employees. 1. Desks We already mentioned the desk. Look at what your staff needs. Sometimes […]

The benefits of innovation

Written by: Bart on 12 September 2019

Innovation is nowadays a common word in our society. But how is innovation important for entrepreneurs? And what are the concrete benefits of innovation. Do you spend a lot of time on personnel administration and HR work? Then these advantages of innovation are ideal for you. 1. You increase your chances on the market It […]

The benefits of a dog in the workplace

Written by: Bart on 12 September 2019

More technology companies are offering pet-friendly workplaces on their list of benefits. But why and is this such a good idea? In this article we have listed all the benefits of a dog in the workplace. Stress levels are falling A dog at the office, it’s the perfect way to relieve stress. This is not […]

7 tips for beach etablisiments to increase sales

Written by: Bart on 11 September 2019

Beach establishments in the Netherlands are very dependent on the weather. When the weather is bad in the summer months, the beach establishments will naturally  have a lower turnover. Although there is little to complain about this summer, in this blog we will  give a number of tips to increase the turnover for beach establishments . 1. […]