Applying For a Job and Finding One During the Pandemic

Applying for a Job and Finding One During the Pandemic

COVID-19 has far-reaching consequences. Not only does it have an impact on health, but the economy is also affected by ...

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Blog - Free Employee Scheduling Software

Free Employee Scheduling Software

As an executive or manager, are you constantly looking for more order, overview and efficiency in the work within your ...

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Time Tracking App

Time Tracking App: The Solution for Employers

as an employer you have a lot of work on your hands. The more people you employ, the more extensive ...

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Digitization for your Company

Digitization is the future, this is in it for your company

Digitizing within companies, it is a topic that is increasingly coming up online. But research shows that it is far ...

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Strategic Workforce Planning

The Importance of a Strategic Workforce Planning

What is a Strategic Workforce Planning? It is a common term within the field of Human Resources Management, a strategic ...

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Social Distancing at the Office

Social distancing at the office, how do you do this?

We are getting used to it more and more. We are working towards a new standard. This means that these ...

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