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Tips for successfully implementing software

Written by: Jurrien Strobel on 10 November 2018

Different business processes take place in a company, within departments such as the HR department, the sales department or the financial administration. In many cases, the processes are defined in software programs that are specifically meant for this purpose. This usually goes well, but sometimes there is a need for one software package which can […]


Advantages of Software As A Service (SAAS)

Written by: Jurrien Strobel on 8 October 2018

SaaS stands for ˝Software as a Service˝. I.e. the provision and use of software via the Internet. Clients pay for the software in the form of a subscription according to use instead of a one-time purchase of the software. An important feature is that the software is accessible via an Internet browser such as Internet […]

Online Software

Use online software safely

Written by: Jurrien Strobel on 24 August 2018

More and more companies are using online software. The big advantage of online software is that this can be used from any location, but what can you, as a manager, do to ensure that the online software is used safely? We ́ll provide you with a few tips down below. Use a strong password With a strong […]

Social Media

Why needs companies use social media

Written by: Jurrien Strobel on 7 August 2018

Fair’s fair, we weren’t like that either. We did have Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln and Google+ accounts, but we didn’t maintain it. (In het Nederlands: alle energie werd gestoken IN de kern van het bedrijf) All energy was put into the core of the company and social media didn’t come with that, until a month ago. […]