Communicating better in the workplace

 Communicating better in the workplace

A large part of your life is spent on the work floor. For that reason, it is very important that there is good communication with each other. This not only provides more job satisfaction, but processes can also be accelerated and facilitated whereby a general satisfaction is an important endpoint. But how do you ensure better communication on the shop floor? In this article we give you some tips.

Listen to each other

Many people are under the impression that they are listening to their colleagues. But there is a difference between "listening," as we colloquially call it, and true "active listening. Many people do listen to another person, but this may arise out of social politeness, for example. So you are not really listening, but waiting for the other person to finish, so that you can put forward your own story. Then it may also be that you do not let others finish, which also does not promote communication. All in all, it is really important to listen well to each other, because this promotes communication in the workplace. Active listening and at the same time asking specific questions, that is the credo.

A positive mindset

In the workplace, it is important that there is an overall positive mindset and this should also be evident in communication. An overall positive mindset ensures that a certain atmosphere will prevail on the work floor. The so-called mirror effect is used here. If there is a general positive atmosphere, there is a good chance that everyone will pick up on it and move to higher levels. But how do you create a positive vibe in the workplace? First of all, it is important to give each other compliments. Not a negative attitude, but feedback and criticism should always be positive. Criticizing each other is pointless and certainly does not promote communication. Also, starting each day with a fresh smile results in a positive mindset and there are more things you can think of.

A mediator in case of problems

Of course it can happen unexpectedly that certain colleagues come into conflict with each other. There may be several reasons for this and it is almost inevitable. If there is a conflict, make sure that it is intervened as soon as possible. Otherwise, there is a chance that this problem will spread like wildfire and you undoubtedly do not want that. That is why a mediator is recommended. Someone who does not take sides in conflicts, with the result that everyone is heard in a fair way.


For good communication, it is also important to work together. Make this concrete, so that it is clear who does what and no discussions about it later. Otherwise you may run into problems later on when it comes to working together, and annoying discussions may arise again, which is bad for communication in the workplace.

Hopefully these tips will help!