The benefits of a dog at the office

7 December 2021

The benefits of a dog at the office

More technology companies are offering pet-friendly workplaces on their list of benefits. But why and is this such a good idea? In this article we have listed all the benefits of a dog in the workplace.

Stress levels are falling

A dog at the office, it's the perfect way to relieve stress. This is not only for dog lovers, but for all employees. A study by VCU shows that workplaces where dogs are welcome are much less stressed for employees. There is even a visible decrease of 11% in stress levels. This is a sharp contrast to workplaces where no pets are welcome and employees must leave their dogs at home. There is an increase of no less than 70% in stress levels visible in this group, according to the VCU study.

Better cooperation and trust

Another research team from Central Michigan University discovered that in offices where dogs are allowed to go to work, there is a better relationship of trust between employees. They can work better together and trust each other a lot more than at workplaces where dogs are not welcome. For a good team feeling in the workplace, four-legged friends can therefore make a major contribution.


A company where dogs are allowed to go to work is of course a lot more attractive for employees who are also dog owners. In this way you make your company a lot more attractive for potential candidates. It is a way that you can make your company unique and put it on the map.

Low costs

You make your company unique by welcoming dogs. This is good for the outside appearance and for the atmosphere at work inside. The best part of all is that it costs you little money. It is a small adjustment to your company that requires little to no investment. An office where people are less stressed, work better together and have a good calling card for outside has never cost so little. You need to make small adjustments such as; short walking breaks, cleaning costs and possibly a separate room for the dogs.


Finally, a big advantage is the coziness that dogs bring. A busy workday immediately becomes a lot more fun with a few hairy four-legged friends around you. Instead of stomping through the day, you can occasionally give the dog a pat on the head or take a little walk. This way the office life becomes a lot nicer.

Who would not want less stress, a better team feeling, socializing in the office, a perfect calling card for the outside and all for a miniscule investment? Make your company unique and turn it into a dog-friendly workplace. Enjoy swinging tails and the coziness of a dog in the office every day at work!