The seasons carousel

29 November 2021

The seasons carousel

No matter what industry your business is in there comes a time of year when the company has to make an extra effort to get all the jobs done. The so-called seasonal rush. For the agricultural sector this seasonal rush will be at harvest time, for vacation and leisure companies (leisure) in all summer and winter vacation periods and for other companies for example the holidays such as Christmas and Easter. Either way many companies go through such a busy period every year. Finding the employees to handle these busy periods is difficult. You don't want to put all the profit margin into extra workers but you do want seasonal workers who can handle the work and won't make mistakes. How to find these seasonal workers

Expectation management when looking for seasonal work

Where things often go wrong in the search for seasonal workers is the miscalculation that both parties experience in what to expect. It is therefore essential that the seasonal workers have a clear understanding of what is expected of them. In addition, that the company makes it clear what they expect from the seasonal workers. This means that the company should create a comprehensive job description. This is important because first of all, the company wants to make a good turn with the customers and the seasonal workers like to work somewhere with pleasure. With a good expectation from both parties, it is common for seasonal workers to be eager to come back during the next busy period. Loyalty counts in a market where there are many job providers. A base or hard core of loyal seasonal workers can be the difference for companies during busy periods.

Start recruiting on time

A second aspect of looking for seasonal workers is to start recruiting on time. In some industries the competition is huge on seasonal labor. The earlier you start the greater the choice of experience and good employees. Close to the season in question the choice will become smaller and smaller. This, of course, must include training and instructing the seasonal workers.

Where to find seasonal workers?

Once this is all in order you can actually look for the seasonal workers. Where do you find them?

Employment agencies

Many companies use intermediaries, often employment agencies, to find seasonal workers. This saves a lot of time and work. However, it is also a fact that a staffing agency makes seasonal work more expensive.

The employees of the company itself

One place that is often overlooked to find seasonal workers is the own permanent staff and their friends and acquaintances. The company's own permanent staff also has many contacts in the community That makes the potential for employees for shorter term recruitment activities immense. A program for the permanent employees to supply seasonal workers can alleviate or solve the problem for the company in one swift stroke.

Social Media

Another potential "pool" of suitable seasonal workers is social media. Many of the fans, followers, friends or related businesses linked to your social media profile are often found in the same industry as your business. These people can make recruiting seasonal workers much easier. If these contacts, for example, share the job vacancy for seasonal workers on their social media profiles, it may well have beneficial consequences. Especially if the turnout
is many people in which you need to spend much less time on training and instruction because they are already familiar with the industry and work.

Recruiting seasonal labor is not a simple job. It requires a lot of work in preparation. However, it is important to start this on time. For the quality of employees, the time needed to train and instruct and the number of available candidates. When recruiting seasonal workers, in addition to recruiting through an employment agency, consider the newer ways through your own staff and social media. This way, your business can hold its own even during the busiest times of the year and there is no loss of customer confidence.