Time Tracking App: The Solution for Employers

7 December 2021

Time Tracking App: The Solution for Employers

As an employer you have a lot of work on your hands. The more people you employ, the more extensive your administration becomes. Of course, you want your employees to work the hours you have agreed upon. Conversely, your employee would like to get paid the hours he has worked, including the correct overtime. Preferably you want everything to be correct at end of the month, so that you don't have to make any corrections in the period(s) after that. Of course, software has been developed for this, Shiftbase is a good example of this.

Real-time insight into hours worked and wages

Especially if you employ a number of people or your business is growing, you like to have a grip on your labor costs. You do not want to be alarmed at the end of the month by the number of production hours and therefore the amount of the salary payment of that moment. You don't want to have to do all kinds of manual calculations and corrections (with the chance of errors) before you know exactly how many hours have worked. No, you want to be able to see at any time of the month, of the week, and even of the day how many hours worked there are on the shop floor and in the office. With the right software, such as Shiftbase, that's possible. Once in use, you hardly have to spend time on it. One push of a button and you read the number of hours and the cost immediately.

From hours worked to paid hours

It's nice that hours are registered in the right way, even better if a time tracking app simplifies this considerably. But of course you're not there yet. The registered hours must also be transferred to the time registration without too much hassle, which forms the basis for the monthly payment of wages and salaries. Shiftbase takes care of this. Of course, you have some checks done here and there, but you don't really have to worry about it: registered hours = hours to be paid. How easy can it be?

No hassle with too little or too much pay

It sometimes happens, employees who complain that they have to call the payroll department because their payslip is wrong. You don't want this as an employer? Shiftbase is developed in such a way that the system automatically registers deviations. We are talking about the situation where someone has worked less than their contract hours, but also that overtime is automatically set aside and paid at the right rate. Your employees will be happy to be paid what they are entitled to at once, without corrections.

Automatic surcharges calculation

Are there surcharges for certain situations in your company's industry? This is no problem when using Shiftbase. No more hassle with complicated calculations (and recalculations where necessary): no, the correct surcharge automatically rolls out of the time tracking app and is also included in the remuneration at the right time.