The Fun Group Transforms Their Time Tracking and Doubled Efficiency with Shiftbase

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    Tim Haaker

The Fun Group, initially starting as a modest tourist office with just one boat, is now a prominent conglomerate of seven companies. Under the leadership of Tim Haaker, founder and Head of Marketing, The Fun Group has established itself as a leading organization in both Amsterdam and London. They offer a wide range of services, from tourist activities to local events such as corporate outings, weddings, and parties.

The Challenge - Manual Labor Intensive

Before implementing Shiftbase, The Fun Group used a booking system as the basis for creating schedules. It was a time-consuming process; employees had to manually record hours so that HR could calculate wages, leading to a lot of manual work and inefficiencies.

The Solution: Shiftbase

Faced with these challenges, The Fun Group decided to implement Shiftbase. The transition was a significant project, and an adjustment period was needed, but as Tim notes: "Shiftbase was chosen to make our lives easier."

Some benefits of Shiftbase include:

  • Easy time tracking and wage calculation across different companies and collective labor agreements.
  • Flexibility to easily schedule and adjust shifts, especially during peak seasons.
  • Clear overviews of hours worked, contract hours, and outstanding holiday hours.
  • Improved communication and transparency between managers and their teams.

Shiftbase is very easy to use. You can easily grant permissions, add people, and send new login details. Now, 5 out of the 7 companies, including We are Amsterdam (with FunAmsterdam), Starboard Boats, Red Light Workshop, and Jungle Club, are using Shiftbase.

The Results - Indispensable

Thanks to Shiftbase, The Fun Group has achieved the following measurable results:

  • Time Savings: Processing hours and allowances now takes half the time.
  • Flexibility: Easy adjustment of shifts based on business needs.
  • Transparency: All employees now have insight into their hours, eliminating disputes over hours worked.
  • Integration: Successful linkage with NMBRS for payroll processing, with plans for further integrations in the future.

"My biggest compliment, we wouldn't survive now without Shiftbase." - Timo

Shiftbase has not only proven to be an indispensable tool for The Fun Group, but it has also won the trust and satisfaction of both management and employees. It's evident that the implementation of Shiftbase has been a turning point for The Fun Group, enabling them to work and grow with greater efficiency, clarity, and ease.

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Employee scheduling and Time-tracking software!
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