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    Moniek Bessenbruch

Since October 2022, The Vincent Hotel Group has been working with Shiftbase. They utilize many functionalities of Shiftbase across locations nationwide, prompting a conversation with Moniek Besenbruch, Cluster Director of Human Resources at The Vincent Hotel Group.

The Situation Before Shiftbase

"We have 11 hotels (including Holiday Inn) and 1 support office in the Netherlands. The system we were using wasn't user-friendly, and its functionality lagged behind our needs. Minimal reporting, a payroll link that didn't run smoothly, and was time-consuming. This led to inefficient and unclear processes. Therefore, we sought a comprehensive system for our personnel administration.

After shortlisting 3 parties, we issued a tender. The key elements were price, usability, and reporting capabilities."

The Solution

"We didn't choose the cheapest option but the one with the best price-quality ratio. In terms of user-friendliness and features, Shiftbase stands out: it has extensive reporting capabilities but is also easy for our employees to use. Additionally, the ease of integration of Shiftbase with other software packages was a decisive factor for us."

"During the process, the contact with the account manager was very good. He took the time and gave a substantive demo that immediately clarified what the system could do. It was great that he had a lot of substantive knowledge and involved other parties when necessary. The setup and start-up of Shiftbase went well."

The Result

We are very pleased with Shiftbase. Our favorite feature is the ease of scheduling. We can easily drag shifts onto the schedule and share it with our employees. We are also very positive about:

  • Clocking in at the location; we do this using GPS locations and Wi-Fi networks.
  • Numerous and quality reports, such as payroll reporting or leave balance reports.
  • Sharing news items, like internal vacancies or company parties.
  • Sharing company files, like handbooks for business processes.
  • Adding absences and holidays.

Besides using these functionalities, it has already yielded a lot in the past half-year:

  • Employee engagement increased due to good communication (>60%).
  • Time saving of 30% in making schedules.
  • Accurate time tracking leading to fewer payroll errors (<5% errors in payroll).
  • 100% improved insight into worked hours – more targeted management of holiday balances and Time-for-Time.

"Shiftbase has helped us streamline staff planning and timekeeping for our 11 hotels and support office. We are now much more data-driven and have minimized error-proneness in our processes, allowing us to focus more on contact with our guests and employees."

Employee scheduling and Time-tracking software!
Employee scheduling and Time-tracking software!
  • Easy Employee scheduling
  • Clear time-tracking
  • Simple absence management
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