7 tips for beach clubs to increase sales

Beach clubs in the Netherlands are very dependent on the weather. When the weather is bad in the summer months, the beach clubs will naturally  have a lower turnover. Although there is little to complain about this summer, in this blog we will  give a number of tips to increase the turnover for beach clubs.

1. Organize activities
By organizing activities, more visitors will come to the beach clubs throughout the season. Examples of activities are beach volleyball, sea rafting, kite flying or blow karting. Private individuals and companies are attracted to these types of activities. If you are unable to organize activities yourself, try to enter into a partnership with an outdoor sport company, for example.

2. Organize events
People will come to events throughout the year. This could be a BBQ event with a band, or a salsa evening with a buffet. Music events also do very well in a beach clubs. When tickets have to be purchased in advance, you are less dependent on the weather on the day itself.

3. Open all year
For many beach clubs this is not possible, but if this is possible at your pavilion, this can lead to an increase in turnover of up to 35%.

4. Think of the children
There are relatively few beach clubs that have a play area for children. For example, when there is a slide and scoops and buckets, parents come to a terrace more quickly where the children can be kept busy and as a result stay longer. When these are not present, children will become restless, which means that parents will leave earlier.

5. Offer a breakfast
By offering a (simple) breakfast options, guests can come throughout  the day. Many beach clubs only offer lunch and dinner, which means that they miss out on a part of turnover.

6. Limit the number of dishes on the menu
This principle can apply to all restaurants. Make sure there are not too many dishes on the menu. This ensures that the quality of the dishes goes up. In addition, fewer ingredients have to be purchased, which leads to less food being wasted.

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