Social media

Why, as a company, you should use social media

Fair's fair, we weren't like that either. We did have Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln and Google+ accounts, but we didn't maintain it. All energy was put into the core of the company and social media didn't come with that, until a month ago. When you offer a product or a service, you simply have to be discoverable for everyone through the right channels. To achieve this goal, a marketing plan has to be set up. Marketing can be done in different ways and social media is one of them.

Why is social media important?
Social media should always be part of a marketing mix. This means that not only social media should be used as a marketing tool, but that it should be combined with other forms of marketing. Think of advertisements (Google Ads), newspaper, radio and television. The purpose of posting messages on social media is to increase the brand awareness. The more interesting the message, the more often it is shared, the greater the brand awareness.
Another advantage of social media is to follow how your brand or company is being talked about. After all, your clients are also on social media and will, positively or negatively, talk about the brand.
The more interesting the message, the more often it is shared, the greater the brand awareness.

Which channels fit best?
It is important to first see which target group needs to be addressed. For the target group ˝Business to Customer˝you can, for example, better use Instagram than Linkedln. Below is an overview of which channels best suit your target group.

The use is free of charge
The use of social media is free of charge. Of course you have to spend time writing messages, but you don't need to purchase separate software. However, if several employees manage social media channels, a social media manager is highly recommended. From one application, for example Buffer and Hootsuit, messages can be created by different employees. Because these messages can be planned in advance, you do not have to worry about creating and placing messages on a daily basis.

Reinforcement of SEO
The use of social media greatly increases the chance of being found online in Google Search. Nowadays, search engines especially look at the use of your brand's social media. The more your messages are viewed, shared or liked, the more interesting the information can be, whereby Google values this information higher than that of your competitor.
In short, social media is a good marketing channel that can be used by all companies without it costing a lot of time and money.

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